The Best London Clubs on Thursday

The Best London Clubs on Thursday.

Looking for a nightclub in London is the easisest challange you might face, but looking for the right top exclusive nightclub it becomes pretty hard. For this reason we wanted to write a little day-by-day guide to help you to find the best club for your tastes. With this article we are focusing on the best London clubs on Thursday. While on Monday and Tuesday most of the best nightclubs are not operative, Thursday offers pretty much all best clubs.

Below you can see all the best London clubs on Thursday. We include in our list the best clubs in Mayfair as well the best clubs in Chelsea. At all the venues below, the entry is via guestlist or table booking only. Therefore, you would need to request a booking in advance. Our 24/7 booking service has the aim to assist you in the sometimes tedious booking process. In order to get in the best London clubs on Thursday, as any other day, guests would need to follow the London clubs dress code rules and also the common clubs entry policies.

Luxx Club.

Luxx Club is a recent addition in London nightlife scene. In fact, it opened on mid-September 2019 in Berkeley Square, a vibrating Mayfair area where you can find the best London members clubs. Not surprisingly Luxx Club clientele is a curated group of whealthy and young professioanas. Djs at Luxx nightclub play a combination of commercial R&B, hip-hop.

The main theme of this venue are light and electricity. When you get in, you walk through a staircase adorned with cascading red lights. In addition, the walls presents moving light, while inside there are all around horizontal and vertical neon strip lights. Compared to other nightclubs, Luxx Club is enormous. The tables are large and the VIP tables locate on an elevated position on each side of Luxx overlooking the dancefloor.

London Cubs on Thursday - Luxx Club

Reign Club.

The London Reign ShowClub London is an unique nightclub in Piccadilly Circus. Reign Club debuted in mid-September 2017 and it is the frist “showclub” London has ever seen. The people behind Reign Club are the team behind Cirque Le Soir and also Wyld Club. The interior design has the aim to impress and to fit the showclub concept.

Once inside Reign Club London, you will see shows and performances typical of Las Vegas. These include theatre acts, stage shows, aerial acts, dancers, fire artists, acrobats, musicians, and much more. Inside the venue is split on two levels both full of private tables and VIP tables. Due to the sophisticated crowd and the presence of the acts, Reign Club is the perfect venue for who wants to book a VIP table and anjoy the shows while drinking expensive champagne.

London Cubs on Thursday - Reign Clubs

Tabu London.

Tabu London Club is an innovative venue appeared in Lodnon on the Halloween week of 2021. The Club Tabu takes the spot of the previous and famous Mahiki London. The concept of this new club is to bring the retro gaming theme in Mayfair. It also focuses on the gritty, seedy backstreets of some of Asia’s most populous cities, including Hong Kong, Seoul and also Tokyo. Like it is precedessor, Tabu London is set over 2 levels. Each of them offers a different experience. Like Luxx Club, Tabu London has neon signs everywhere matching perfectly the retro gaming theme. In fact, you will see them on entering the venue, on the staircases, and also hanging from walls and ceilings. Even the bathrooms have neon signes and are also painted with black-and-white Manga cartoons. This is not enough. In fact, newspaper and magazine cuttings wrap the pillars.

Tabu Club clientele can be compared with the one we see at Luxx Club, an elite of beautiful and well-dressed wealthy party-goers. The music policy is in general R&B, Hip-Hop. Sometimes we can hear a bit of commercial music from some of the world’s top DJs.

Best Cubs on Thursday - Tabu London

Maddox Club.

There is no better place on a Thursday than Maddox Club. For many years “Thursday at Maddox” has been the night to be. Anything on this night gets harder and more expensive. Tables have to be booked at least 2 days in advance to avoid a sold out. In addition there have to be at least 50% of girls on the table group or it cannot be booked. In parallel, the door entry policy gets stricter. Only girls can get in on a guestlist. Both ladies and gents have to follow the strict dress code. Entry is also not guaranteed, even for table holders.
This is an elegant and posh venue. It is not for everybody and therefore everyone wants to go there. The venue is split on two levels with a private room inside, the famous Green Room. The décor is minimalistic and music policy set on House Music.

Maddox Club in Mayfair

Tonteria London.

Tonteria Club is Mexican-inspired tapas bar and nightclub located in Sloane Square. This intimate venue is a proper members club and therefore entry is not for everybody. However, on Thursday and also on Monday, the venue operates guestlist entry. Thursday is the best day to come and taste the best tequila selection in town and party with an excelled Chelsea crowd. Also, Mexican tapas dinner can be booked at 9pm before entering the club. The interior of Tonteria London is like a voyage inside a Mexican hacienda.

Tonteria London Club on Thursday