The Best London Clubs on Tuesday

The Best London Clubs on Tuesday.

London is without any doubt the best city in Europe if you want to go out clubbing every day of the week. In fact, everybody says “London never sleeps”. We can say it for guaranteed that the best days to go out clubbing are Friday and Saturday. In truth, on weekend all enstablishments for entertainment are open. However, you can find top clubs open during the week. The days with less nightclubs open are Monday, Tuesday and also Wednesday. Despite the reduction of choices, who wants to party early in the week finds still incredible opportunities. During the week, prices for tables get a bit cheaper and the door selection gets easier. The best clubs on Tuesday are at the moment just two, Tape and Reign. Beside them, before the Covid, we could also add Mahiki London among the best clubs on Tuesday.

On this page we would like to highlight the best clubs on Tuesday to give you an overview of the options for a top nght out. To get into the nightclubs listed below, booking a guestlist or a table is a must. As for all top nightclubs in Mayfair, there is no wak-in. Whenever you decide to book one of the best clubs on Tuesday, our 24/7 booking service is going to be ready to assit you.

Tape London Club.

The London Tape Club is one of the most iconic and famous nightclubs in Central London. This is a private members club which has been considered so far the home of music artists. In fact, Tape London prides itself of a long list of musicians which performs at the venue reguarly. The interior design at Tape London is slik and modern with a fantastic ligthing system all around the venue. The crowd you see in here is one of the most selected among London clubs. Make sure you dress to impress to have a chance to get in. Tuesday at Tape London is when celebrities and artists come to visit or perform at the venue. Therefore, on those occasions, the guestlist gets limited or sometimes even closed. In parallel, private talbes price start on £1500 instead of £1000.

At the moment Tape Club is the only venue allowing free entry for ladies on Tuesday. In addition, the strict entry policy does not allow guys to get in without a table. However, a couple or maximum two gents can get in with a bar bottle spend. Thi is usually £500 but it all depends on what you order, of course. We are sure that your night at Tape London is going to be a blast.

Tape London Club on Tuesday

The London Reign ShowClub.

The London Reign is spectacular nightclub located in Piccadilly Circus. This is an unique venue and the first “showclub” appeared in London in 2017. After few years of activity, Reign Club keeps being on the top list of London Clubs. This venue is part of a big team of London nightlife experts. In fact, it is managed by the team behind Cirque Le Soir and also Wyld Club. When you are inside the venue it seems to be in a Las Vegas theater. This matches perfecly the showclub concept.

When it comes to the shows at Reign Club, there are different acts that take places. These changes on weekly basis and include stage shows, aerial acts, dancers, fire artists, acrobats, musicians, and much more. To proper fit the theater vibe, the venue has two floors. Each floor has private and VIP tables where to enjoy the best night while wathing the acts. The Reign Club guestlist on Tuesday is a bit easier then the weekend. In fact, mixed groups with 1-2 guys can get in on Tuesday. While on the weekend, gents need to book a table in order to get in. Come and enjoy the theatrical vibe of Reign club on Tuesday.

Best Clubs on Tuesday - Reign London