Cafe de Paris Dress Code

Cafe de Paris Dress Code

Active since 1924, Cafe de Paris is the oldest and most iconic nightclub in the West End. Strategically located in Leicester Square, Cafe de Paris hosts fashionable cabaret shows and parties every weekend. Since opening, the vintage French decor has been the feature of this nightclub. Cafe de Paris dress code has been defined as “smart & sexy”. Of course, this says a lot but we want to help you giving some more precise info. We do not want our guests to be refused at the door! So, please follow the Cafe de Paris dress code rules below. Entry is also guestlist only, so remember to join our Cafe de Paris guestlist.

Set on two floors, with a dance area and Dj booth downstairs and VIP tables on the upper ring upstairs, Cafe De Paris guestlist is the home to celebrities (such has from Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex), models, Hollywood icons, and also a local posh clients who want to party with style.

Cafe de Paris Dress Code for Ladies

As you can probably expect from a typical West End nightclub, Cafe de Paris dress code requires all ladies to conform to some guidelines. If you fail to match the requirements or if you wear something not allowed, you know, you wont get in! The dress code is however a bit more relaxed than other venues like Tape London or the famouse Toy Room, to mention some.

● Outfit. To be “smart & sexy” or to “dress to impress” there are no fixed rules. However, the best choice is always a dress. A black dress works also 100% fine at most of clubs. You can choose any colours, really. For the Cafe de Paris dress code it does not matter if it is a fancy, cocktail, short or a long dress. Wearing a skirt (show off your pretty legs with a mini skirt) or long trousers with a classy shirt or a sexy crop top is also a good combo. Coming to the shoes, well, heels are a must. So take our your best pair of pumps or stilettos out of the wardrobe. Heeled boots are also allowed. Remember you need to shine and stand out of the crowd. Flat shoes, ballerinas, sportswear are not appropriate.
● Makeup. You can freestyle your makeup as it please you. Do it for you first, but do it also as part of the Cafe de Paris Dress Code for ladies. Keep it natural and simple with just some light lipstick (or even natural lips) and mascara or go a bit heavier with shining blusher, red lipstick, glitters on the eyes contour.

● Hairstyle. Groom your hair. That is our best advice. How, it is only up to you. Just choose a style that matches the outfit and the makeup. A blow-dry or a ponytail are always the most practical and time-effective solutions. If you are not in a rush, try some curly waves or a bun to look even more sexy.
● Accessorizes. We know you ladies loves accessorizes. Pick up from your drawer some jewels like hearings, bracelet or necklace. You do not need to show off with a LV or Jimmy Choo purse or an Hermes belt, but if you have them, just put them on!

Cafe de Paris Dress Code Ladies

Cafe de Paris Dress Code for Gents

To get into Cafe de Paris guestlist, gents have to follow strict dress code guidelines. In addition, admission is only for gents queuing up with some ladies (we suggest at least 50% girls in your party). Do not come alone as even if you follow the Cafe de Paris dress code for gents, you won`t get in.

● Outfit. Make sure you look sharp. Cafe de Paris strongly prefers gents wearing a shirt or collared shirt rather then a T-shirt. Keep this in mind. Wearing a blazer on the top of the shirt is with no doubt your best choice. We would suggest to avoid jeans, while black or brow trousers, slacks or chinos are what you have to consider. Avoid also any casual or sport outfit.
● Shoes. On this aspect there is no exception. Elegant black/brown city/Oxford shoes is the rule. Get a nice pair of loafers and you will still be glam and elegant. As you probably already know, sportswear or smart designer shoes are absolutely a big no!

Cafe de Paris Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: flat shoes, sandals, ballerinas, trainers, designer trainers, hoodies, ripped jeans, baseball-like hats, jumpers, shorts for gents.

Clients with an inappropriate Cafe de Paris dress code, miss-behaving or intoxicated will be removed from the queue and won`t be allowed in.

Cafe de Paris Useful Information

To get into Cafe de Paris, both ladies and gents needs to be on the Cafe de Paris guestlist. We have dedicated pages where you can find more info about Cafe de Paris Club or how to reserve a private or VIP table.

Cafe de Paris address: 3-4 Coventry Street, London, W1D 6BL.
Opening days: Friday and Saturday.
Opening time: 10:00pm-3:00am.
Entry price: general admission £20. From 10pm to 11pm ladies pay £10 entry fee.
Table Booking: tables prices start from £500 minimum spend for a maximum of 10 people and 50% gents maximum. Consider £50 per person for a table for groups bigger than 10 people. VIP tables price has to be discussed on the occasion.