Cuckoo Club Dress Code

Cuckoo Club Dress Code

The Cuckoo Club is one of our favorite venues. Located in Swallow Street, just on Piccadilly Circus corner, this is where the most classy party goers spend an unforgettable night. The venue is split in two floors. Despite the music policy differs from upstairs to downstairs and spins a wide selection of genres, the main colors you see all around are pink, purple and violet. Cuckoo Club offers also an extraordinary dining experience before it opens as nightclub around 11pm. Often the club hosts celebrities and performers like Pixie Lott, so keep your eye open once inside. If you are looking to gain entry, being on Cuckoo Club guesltist is a must. As most of private clubs, you need to adhere to the Cuckoo Club dress code guidelines. Have a look also at some ideas below.

Cuckoo Club Dress Code for Ladies

In line with all Mayfair members clubs, admission at Cuckoo Club is guestlist only. Ladies be prepared to “dress to impress” to be on Cuckoo Club guestlist and enjoy a stylish night. The Cuckoo Club dress code can be defined only as “classy”.

● Outfit. What is your idea of being classy? Most of our guests wear black. You will never be wrong with a black dress or black trousers paired with a crop top. You can also keep the outfit sexy with a short dress or a mini skirt and showing off some skin, but do not be too vulgar. In terms of shoes, heels are definitely a must. Boots are also appropriated only if elegant and with some heel. Avoid wearing flat shoes, sandals, or any sort of trainers. Carefully check into your wardrobe to find the perfect shoes-outfit match.
● Makeup. A clean and natural makeup with some work on the eyes is enough to make you looking gorgeous. Nude lips are preferred but you can also enhance them with a bright red lipstick if matches the outfit. Wanna go a bit more heavy? Cat or smokey eyes are good also.
● Hairstyle. To look seductive and fashionable and respect the Cuckoo Club dress code, remember to take care of your hair. You can choose a quick solution, leaving your hair to flow, or a more sophisticated one doing some curl or bun.
● Accessorizes. The door staff looks at your full picture. This includes how you finish your outfit with jewels and a stylish bag. Wear hearings, maybe a necklace and/or a shining bracelet on a short sleeves top. A designer belt and bag are also winners if you want to stand out form the crowd.

Cuckoo Club Dress Code Ladies

Cuckoo Club Dress Code for Gents

For you gents, what determines if you can get in or not, relies on two aspects. Fristly, you need to be on Cuckoo Club guestlist and arrive with some ladies. Two guys (not more) might get in without ladies in few occasions. Secondly, all gents need to respect the Cuckoo Club Dress Code. Like most of the top venues in Mayfair, if you have a private or VIP table booked the door-staff will be more relaxed in checking your dress code.

● Outfit. When you are about to choose your outfit remember you are going to a classy venue. Be sharp, elegant, formal. As for ladies, black is the most appropriate choice. Cuckoo Club dress code does not require to wear a suit but if you can, do it. Trousers or chinos with a shirt or collared shirt would be perfect. You can also wear an expensive polo shirt or a v-neck sweater. Try to avoid T-shirt. You might wear T-shirt underneath a blazer or a long coat. Jeans? Yes, if washed dark jeans with a shirt and the proper shoes.
● Shoes. After reading the general Cuckoo Club dress code you would not even try to wear trainers. In fact, only formal/elegant shoes and loafers are appropriate. Black better but brown works good as well. Nothing more simple that that.

Cuckoo Club Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: Ladies – ballerinas, sandals, flip flop, vulgar outfit; gents – trainers (or designer trainers, does not matter how much you paid them!), sportswear in general, T-shirt, ripped jeans, tank top, shorts, hoodies, baseball hats.

Club entry policy: intoxicated, miss-behaving individuals or clients not respecting the Cuckoo Club dress code will not be let in.

Cuckoo Club London Useful Information

Now that you know the rules for joining Cuckoo Club guestlist you can visit our Cuckoo Club Page to find more info. If you want to book a private or VIP table, have also a look at our Table Booking Page.

Cuckoo Club London address: Swallow Street, London, W1B 4EZ.
Opening days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Opening time: 11:00pm-4:00am.
Entry price: standard entry £20. However, on door staff decision, few ladies might benefit of £10 entry fee before midnight. On weekend fees for gents might rise to £30 or £40.
Table Booking: minimum spend price starts from £1000 for maximum 8 people (mixed group, 50% ladies at least). For larger groups or all-males groups please contact us to receive a precise quote.