Dolce Club Dress Code

Dolce Club Dress Code

Dolce Club London is a pure gem nestled in South Kensington. From 2019 the venue replaces the former Montezuma Club which ruled nightlife in the area since 2015. This boutique award-winning nightclub is famous for its fashionable clientele, coming mostly from the surrounding posh area. Dolce Club meets both Chelsea and West End crowd expectations and presents a mixture of gorgeous party goers.

From early in the night, Dolce Club guestlist is your best choice. In fact, this is where you can join with your date and have some cocktails or you can have your birthday party on a private table. Either way, all guests need to adhere to the general club entry policy rules. Among those, Dolce Club dress code is, with no doubt, the most important. There is nothing we can do at the entry to help. If you do not respect the Dolce Club dress code rules, the door staff won`t let you in! So please pay attention to the tips below.

Dolce Club Dress Code for Ladies

The dress code at Dolce Club London can be simply defined in two words: “sexy and elegant”. There are no exceptions, if you do not want to be left out the club, make sure you and your friends conform with the Dolce Club dress code. We are sure your wardrobe is full of nice things.

● Outfit. The rule number one is: put on some heels on. There will be no entry for girls wearing flat shoes, sportswear or sandals. If you do not want to wear fancy heeled shoes, nice boots are also a good compromise. Wearing a nice dress will be always our best suggestion. Any dress works fine, a cocktail dress or a short dress that leaves some skin out. Fashionable jeans, office trousers or jumpsuits are a good alternative to a dress. Maybe wear a crop top to appear sexier.
● Makeup. Do not forget to use some makeup. We are sure you would not go out without makeup, especially to a date or a proper nightclub evening with your friends. There are no fixed rules in here, just choose the combination that makes you feeling more comfortable. Of course, match it with the outfit and hairstyle. Try a natural makeup with just some mascara or eyeliner, natural lips or a more sophisticated ones with foundation, glitters and also red lipstick.
● Hairstyle. As part of the Dolce Club dress code for ladies make sure your hairstyle is well looked after. To be on Dolce Club guestlist, you can either opt for a simple solution like a blow-dry or a straight long air or a more complicated one like a bun, French bride or a ponytail. Why do not you try curly hair?
● Accessorizes. At Dolce Club guestlist we are not too fussy about accessorizes. However, we always recommend to wear something to enahnce your stunning look. Hearings or a bracelet are the simplest and quickest solution. In addition you can go for a designer purse or belt.

Dolce Club Code Ladies

Dolce Club Dress Code for Gents

Dear gents, if you are on this page we know you have heard about the stunning female crowd that every Friday and Saturday fills Dolce Club. In fact, the ladies:gents ratio here is the highest being 80%. Entry for gents however is pretty hard. To be on the Dolce Club guestlist, gents need to be always accompanied with ladies. A minimum of 50% ladies on each group is mandatory. Gents alone will also not be let into the venue. Despite this rule, if you guys have a private or a VIP table booked, entry will be easier. Ether way, with a guestlist or a table, gents need to follow the Dolce Club dress code for gents guidelines.

● Outfit. Gents dress code at Dolce Club is “smart and elegant”. You should be familiar with this. The best combination we suggest is trousers, shirt and a blazer. You can wear slacks, skinny fit trousers or chinos, but we would not ever go for ripped jeans or shorts. Dark washed jeans combined with a shirt and a blazer will be accepted. Even if a shirt (any type) is a must, a fashionable T-shirt on top of elegant trousers and under a blazer will still give you an elegant look.
● Shoes. The rule here is simple: elegant shoes only! This includes: loafers, Oxford, city shoes and office shoes. Any type of sportswear, trainers and designer trainers, are strongly discouraged.

Dolce Club Dress Code Gents

Dolce London entry policy: single gents, all-male parties, intoxicated, miss-behaving individuals will not be granted entry.

Dolce London Useful Information

We are sure your night at Dolce Club will be unforgettable and we are looking forward to see you there. Being one of the best clubs in Chelsea, we are sure the night will not disappoint you. In addition, if you are planning a party, we offer amazing Birthday Party deals.

Dolce London address: 17A Harrington Road, London, SW7 3ES.
Opening days: Friday and Saturday.
Opening time: 10:30pm-3:00am.
Entry price: Ladies and gents entry £20. Ladies have free of charge entry before 11:30pm.
Table Booking: starting from £500 minimum spend (maximum 8 people, at least 50% ladies). If your party is bigger than 8 people or all-male, the minimum spend will increase. Get in touch for a quotation.