Libertine Dress Code

Libertine Dress Code

Libertine by Chinawhite represents an elite party destination for all glamorous and high-end London crowd. Often visited by celebrities of the like of Drake, Leonardo Di Caprio, Anthony Joshua and models like Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, so far Libertine London has been hosting the best parties on weekend but also on Wednesday and Sunday. Only who is on the Libertine guestlist or has booked a private/VIP table will get into this fashionable venue. Adhering to the club entry policy is a must if you do not want disappointments. Not surprisingly, the door staff, to keep the crowd at very high standards, applies a severe door selection and strict dress code rules. Libertine dress code is simply “smart & stylish”. If you want to party with celebrities, try to follow their dress code. But do not stress. Just follow the guidelines highlighted here to have a perfect night at Libertine guestlist.

Libertine Dress Code for Ladies

Likewise, any other exclusive nightclub, when you approach the entry, the first thing the doorman does, is to look at your outfit. The first impression is in general what decides your entry. In few words, the secret for ladies dress code at Libertine is to look sexy, sophisticated and also show you made some efforts. Always remember those tips when you search in your wardrobe for the outfit to match the Libertine dress code. As per rule, a black dress (short, long or mini) is always your best choice. Any bodycon, sequin, open-back, mini or long dresses should be your main focus. Do not worry about the colour, just stay on basics like black, blue, white and also red. If you do not feel comfortable with a dress, try a pair of black trousers with a blouse or a sexy crop top.

Every outfit has to go with high heels in order to conform with the Libertine dress code for ladies and also to enhance your appearance. Forget about trainers, flip flops or sandals. With those shoes the doorlady will never let you in. Sometimes heeled boots works fine as well. Always remember to look seductive and put on some makeup. However, do not overdo. Therefore, a simple natural look is the best choice. You will be successful with cat-like or smoky eyes and some red lips to be sexier. The hairstyle can be sophisticated like with a bun or simple like ponytail. Just make sure it is neat and clean. Accessorizes for ladies are also an easy way to improve the appearance. Wear a pair of earrings, and/or a necklace. If you want to impress the crowd just get your expensive designer purse or belt.

Libertine Dress Code Ladies

Libertine Dress Code for Gents

When it comes to Libertine dress code for gents there are no exceptions. All men have to adhere to the Libertine dress code guidelines. Those rules are in fact more severe for gents than for ladies. To make a good impression to the door-staff`s discerning eyes, make sure you look the most sharp and sleek you can. A causal outfit is not accepted. The golden rule for gents dress code at Libertine Club is wearing elegant dark (black preferred) shoes, of course with the right smart outfit. City, Oxford, Derby and also loafers are your top choice. Do not even consider to wear trainers, designer trainers or any similar sportswear if you do not want to be accommodated outside the queue.

The perfect outfit for gents at Libertine London is wearing trousers and a shirt. About trousers choose dark (black, dark blue or dark brown) chinos, slim-fit or slacks. Jeans are a bit of grey area. We would suggest to go only for dark jeans in combination with your very best collared shirt and a blazer. Talking about shirt, a collared shirt is definitely the top choice but also a button-up or -down are fine too. Avoid sports shirts. We consider T-shirts a total no. However, in rare occasions such as underneath a blazer and for VIP table bookers, this could work.
Neat hairstyle is essential. Men accessorizes that enhance your look could be a designer belt or an expensive watch.

Libertine Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: flip-flop, ballerinas, any sort or trainers, designer trainers, flat shoes, sandals, ripped jeans & shorts for gents, hoodies, baseball-like hats and jumpers.

The venue will not allow entry to any person with the wrong Libertine dress code. In addition, miss-behaving or intoxicated people will be asked to quit the queue.

Libertine Useful Information

Being on the Libertine guestlist or having a table resevation are mandtory to get ino the venue. We suggest to book a private or VIP table if you want to enjoy your night better.

Libertine address: 4 Winsley Street, W1W 8HF, London.
Opening days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Opening time: 10:15pm-3:00am.
Entry price: Admission £20. Between 10:15pm to 11pm ladies might pay £10 or have also free entry on door discretion.
Table Booking: Private table minimum spend is £1000 for any group smaller than 8 people and with 50% gents maximum. If your party is bigger than 8 people or you have more than 50% gents, the minimum spend will be higher. Contact us for a quote.