Mahiki Dress Code

Mahiki Dress Code

World-famous and multi-awarded nightclub, Mahiki London, is one of the most successful venues in the Capital. We are sure you have heard about Mahiki guestlist and its unique Polynesian-style decor. Party at Mahiki guestlist will blow up your mind. Especially if you try their unique tropical cocktails. Mahiki has a long history of being celebrity hang outs in London. Regular celebrities are Rita Ora, Beyonce and Rihanna. The tropical vibes you feel at Mahiki Myfair projects you into a truly Hawaiian party. Although, this might mislead customers leading them thinking of a very laid back venue, the Mahiki dress code is smart and elegant and one of the strictest in the industry. We recommend to have a look at the Mahiki dress code suggestion below if you do not want disappointments.

Mahiki Dress Code for Ladies

It is true that if you are coming to party at Mahiki guestlist, you will expect to party on Honolulu`s beach, but remember you are geographically in London, more precisely in Mayfair. Mahiki is one of the best clubs in Mayfair. Therefore, you are in one of the most exclusive location in the World and one of the first rules is “follow the dress code” guidelines. Here we presents some Mahiki dress code for ladies suggestions to make sure your night starts with the right step.

● Outfit. Even if you will see some of the waitress wearing a bikini and Hawaiian grass skirts, ladies are asked to come sexy and elegant. It will sounds strange here but a black dress is, as always, your best pick. Also, if you want to match the venue style, get a colorful dress but do not overdo, keep it still elegant. If you do not want to wear a dress, trousers/jeans and crop top are a winning combo. High heels, heels, heeled boots are your only shoes options. You might get tempted, but do not come in flip-flop or sportswear and flat shoes in general.
● Makeup. It is always recommended to wear some makeup. There are no defined rules but try not to overdo, too many layers wont make you more shining. It is enough to highlight your eyes with some eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. If you want to shine more, use also some glitters.

● Hairstyle. That is very simple, groom your hair, style them, a bit or a lot. Do not have them messy and greasy. Make sure the hairstyle matches the outfit and makeup. You can go for a sophisticated bun, beautiful curls or a ponytail. If you prefer, keep it simple with a blow-dry.
● Accessorizes. To complete the outfit, do not forget to wear some accessorizes. Hearings are enough but try to add something more like a necklace or dare even more with a designer purse or belt.

Mahiki Dress Code Ladies

Mahiki Dress Code for Gents

Typical of an exclusive Mayfair nightclub, entry at Mahiki guestlist for gents is not so easy, and never will be. Forget approaching the venue as a single or in a group without any ladies. Entry will be a no-no. Therefore, the best choice is always to have with you in the queue some ladies (50% at least). Make sure you respect Mahiki dress code for gents rules. Even with a VIP table gents have to stick to Mahiki dress code.

● Outfit. It might sound logic to wear some shorts, a tank top and flip-flop but you have to look in the opposite direction. The sharper the better! Being this said, make sure you wear trousers, any elegant trousers, from chinos to slacks. Black, blue or brown is the color you want ideally. Dark washed jeans are also allowed. Avoid ripped jeans. Shirt? There is no question about it. It can be any shirt, button up, button down or collared. Just make sure it fits the trousers and do not play too much with colors. We do not recommend T-shirts but, combining with an elegant blazer and trousers, you will still fit the Mahiki dress code for gents.
● Shoes. At this point we are sure you dropped the idea of wearing summer shoes. What about trainers? It is a total no! Mahiki dress code for gents implies all male to wear smart and elegant shoes only. Some example: loafers, Oxford and city shoes. This article might help you to find the right elegant shoes.

Mahiki Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: Any casual outfit. Gents: hoodies, baseball hats, jumpers, tank tops, chains, ripped jeans, shorts, trainers, designer trainers, open shoes; ladies: flip-flop, flat shoes, sportswear.

Mahiki security staff discourages any casual outfit, miss-behaving or intoxicated customers and heavy male entourages.

Mahiki Useful Information

Being on Mahiki London guestlist is your only way into the club. If you want more info about Mahiki Mayfair or if you feel it is your night and want to book a table we are always here to assist you.

Mahiki Mayfair address: 1 Dover Street, London, W1S 4LD.
Opening days: Monday to Saturday.
Opening time: 10:00pm-3:00am.
Entry price: general admission £20. On Monday to Thursday ladies have free entry before 11pm. On Friday ladies pay £10 from 10pm to 11pm and £20 after.
Table Booking: lounge tables start from £500 minimum spend for a maximum of 10 people (50% ladies at least). Club (downstairs) tables starts form £750 for maximum 10 people and not more than 50% gents. For bigger groups please contact us directly to have a more precise quote.