Tape London Dress Code

Tape London Dress Code

If you want to have a memorable night partying in a very unique atmosphere with the most exclusive international crowd, at Tape London you are in the right place. The nightclub has been the house of the most important figures from the international music industry. Only the most famous Djs play at Tape London. With its perfect location in Hanover Square, just in the heart of Mayfair, your night will be totally different. You might end up also encountering some celebrities. Regular visitors are Justin Bieber, Drake and Usain Bolt. If you are lucky you might also assist live performance of some famous rappers or singers.
Getting into Tape Club requires to be on the Tape London guestlist or book a VIP table. We will be happy to assist you!
Tape London dress code is an aspect you would like to take into consideration if you want to be sure to get in. Even if you are on the Tape guestlist or on table booking, if you do not follow the Tape London dress code requirements, your entry will be denied.

Tape London Dress Code for Ladies

Tape London is not only famous because of the Djs and the celebrities, but for all the amazing ladies that spend a wonderful night dancing or just enjoying cocktails at the bar or at a VIP table. All ladies attending respect the Tape London dress code rules. Below we give you some ideas for the ladies dress code.

● Outfit. The ladies dress code is sexy, chic and glam. Heels are a must! Wearing a dress, any type of dress, from full to mini, it is always the best choice. Sexy/elegant trousers and a nice top are fine as well if accompanied with the right accessorize and make up/hairstyle. Elegant, trendy heeled boots are also a good alternative if you do not want to wear high heels. Additionally, flat shoes or trainers are not accepted. Remember to dress to impress, to stand out of the crowd. This is, in fact, how you get into Tape London guestlist.
● Makeup. You are not going to school. Think you are going to date the most beautiful men of your life. The makeup has to enhance your qualities together with the hairstyle. A clean simple make up with eyeliner and lipstick will be ok. However, if you want really to impress, think about something glowing and spend a bit more time.
● Hairstyle. Together with the makeup this is how you follow Tape London dress code. Groom your hair, do a ponytail, keep them straight or change completely creating some waves. Remember the dress code consists of those three elements: outfit, makeup and hairstyle so try your best combination.
● Accessorizes. To complete the ladies dress code, we suggest also to match your outfit with some accessorize.

Tape London Dress Code Ladies

Tape London Dress Code for Gents

Entry at Tape London for gents is not easy. In fact, gents are required to book a table and need to be accompanied with a equal number of ladies. Normally, if you have a table or VIP table booked, the dress code is a bit more relaxed. However, Tape London dress code for gents stays pretty strict and there are no exceptions.

● Outfit. Wear something elegant and smart. You can be very elegant with a suit and a button-down shirt or choose something more trendy like trousers and a shirt. T-shirts are in general not accepted but if a stylish ones with a blazer on top, it will be fine. Dark wash jeans with a button-down shirt and blazer will be also a good combination. If you have a fancy belt, Hermes or LV, put it on as it will stand out your outfit.
● Shoes. Only elegant, city shoes; black or brown as long as they match the outfit.

Tape London Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: any casual outfit, trainers, designer trainers, flat shoes, flip flop, ripped jeans, jumpers, tank tops for gents, hoodies and anything that is not considered glam and elegant.

The club staff reserve the right to refuse entry for any client with an inappropriate Tape dress code, intoxicated or miss-behaving individuals. Identity requirements are also mandatory.

Tape London Useful Information

Admission at Tape London is guestlist or tables booking only. More info about the club are on the Tape Club Page. The best way to access the club is however booking a VIP table.
Tape London address: 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HU.
Opening days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Opening time: 11:00pm-3:00am.
Entry price: standard entry £20. However, the door-staff might release few £10 entry at their own discretion.
Table Booking: minimum spend for a regular table £1500. VIP tables start from £2500. Price depends on how big the group is and the guys/girls ratio.