Tonteria Dress Code

Tonteria Dress Code

Tonteria is a Mexican-inspired tapas bar and club lounge located in Sloane Square. The venue is well known for its amazing theme and also sharing cocktails. Being Mexico the main theme, do not be surprised to find here the biggest selection of world-famous tequilas. Tonteria decor is absolutely unique. In fact, the walls are painted with figures coming from the Mexican culture. The vibe is also enhanced by shows happening every hour and involving the whole venue and crowd.
As for most of the best clubs in Chelsea, entry at Tonteria London is by reservation only. Guestlist or private tables booking are your only chance to walk in. The door-staff takes into serious consideration the Tonteria dress code policy. You would need to follow the suggestions outlined below if you do not want to miss one the best party in town.

Tonteria Dress Code for Ladies

The Tonteria dress code for ladies is strictly sexy, elegant and chick. When you are outside the venue queuing up, and you are correctly signed up on our Tonteria guestlist, that moment will decide if you get in or not. The door-staff will look at you and check if you follow the Tonteria dress code for ladies requirements.

● Outfit. Choosing a dress is always your best bet. You can go for a maxi, short, mini, cocktail, skater style dresses or also other knee length dresses. If you go for black, you will look always elegant and classy. However, any of the most common colours suit the Tonteria dress code guidelines as well. Another option are pants. Leather trousers, although we cannot say they are classy, will make you looking very sexy. Never forget your beautiful pair of heels when you go to a nightclub. You will get in only with heeled shoes, high or medium heels. Elegant boots with heels will be also fine. Avoid any flat shoes, sandals and sportswear.

● Makeup. The makeup choice should not scare you so much. This only reflects the look you want to give to yourself. And of course, the makeup aims to complement the outfit and the hairstyle. One suggestion is to not overdo. Avoid heavy makeup. Decide where you want to attract the attention: lips or eyes? Options for the lips are natural or enhanced with some red or rose lipstick. For the eyes instead, use some mascara or eyeliner. Try cat or smokey eyes. Dare a bit more with some bright colors and also glitters.
● Hairstyle. Spend a bit of time in front of the mirror. Remember you want to appear elegant and sexy. You can keep your hair loose or tied back. Make sure it is very neat. Avoid messy or greasy hair. Try a half-up or half-down look as it is better than a loose look.
● Accessorizes. We always recommend to our guests to wear some accessorizes. You do not need to spend thousands of pounds for a belt or a purse. You can simply wear some necklace, a bracelet and especially earrings.

Tonteria Dress Code Ladies

Tonteria Dress Code for Gents

The dress code for gents at Tonteria nightclub is smart and sharp. Beside being on the guestlist, following strictly the dress code rules is a must for gents. There is another aspect we want to focus at in here. This is the guys:girls ratio. Even following the dress code, all-males groups cannot get into the venue. However, a mall group of 2 gents arriving at opening time usually gets in with no issue.

● Outfit. At Tonteria club is very common to see men wearing suit trousers, black jeans, smart suits and also business casual. A nice shirt or, to be more formal, a collared button down shirts can be paired with smart trousers or dark jeans. What about a T-shirt? This is a bit of a grey area. We suggest to avoid but if you rally can`t go out without a T-shirt we suggest to chose something fashionable, a designer one, and to wear it under a blazer. In addition, ripped jeans, baseball hats or sport shits are strictly forbidden.
● Shoes. Tonteria guestlist accepts only formal, elegant and smart shoes. You will get in with loafers if black, brown or dark. Never try to approach the venue in trainers, even if expensive.

Tonteria Dress Code Gents

NOT Allowed: ripped jeans and shorts for gents, sports shirts, jerseys and jackets, caps & hats, hoodies, running shoes, designer trainers, shoes with spikes, sandals or any open-toed shoes, flat shoes for ladies.

Tonteria Useful Information

We are sure you cannot wait to join the Tonteria guestlist. If you want to find out more we have all info you need. If you think you would like to enhance your party, why do not you book a private table? We have amazing deals.

Tonteria address: 7-12 Sloane Square, SW1W 8EG.
Opening days: Monday & Thursday.
Opening time: 9:00pm-3:00am.
Entry price: free entry for ladies from 9pm (including dinner) to 11:30pm. After and for gents entry fee is £20.
Table Booking: Tables minimum spend starts from £500 for a couple. However, standard price is £1000 for a group of 10 people and with 50% ladies at least. Larger groups or all-males groups will be subjected to a customized prices. Please get in touch at +447805727429 to receive a quote.