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Novikov Restaurant & Bar is an upmarket restaurant in London. You will find it next to very iconic places in Mayfair like The Arts Club, Luxx Club London and also Tabu London Club. It boasts two distinct restaurants and a stylish Lounge Bar, all featuring contemporary interiors. The menu offers a selection of intriguing fusion cuisine from all over the world. Here subtle Asian touch influences in dishes such as grilled rack of lamb with eggplant puree and sake marinade. The bar serves an extensive range of international wines and cocktails made by the expert mixologists. Novikov is the perfect choice for moments of culinary delight and luxurious comfort.

Novikov Restaurant and Bar London

Novikov Restaurant & Bar in London

As a veteran in the London nightlife scene, I can attest to the extraordinary experience Novikov Restaurant & Bar has to offer. Whether you prefer savoring fusion cuisine from all over the world or simply looking to have an evening of cocktails and wines, this restaurant is London’s quintessential culinary experience.

Located in the heart of Mayfair, where the best members clubs are, Novikov Restaurant & Bar is a unique and contemporary dining experience. With two distinct restaurants, Novikov offers an exciting range of Asian-fusion cuisine that is now iconic in London. The bar features a carefully curated selection of international wines, as well as signature cocktails made with the freshest ingredients.

At Novikov restauran, all dishes aim to tantalise and surprise. The open kitchen allows guests to watch chefs prepare delicious dishes right before their eyes. From succulent steaks cooked to perfection, to delicate dim sum creations. Every mouthful promises pure indulgence. Expect a warm welcome with attentive service each time you visit the restaurant.

Novikov Restaurant & Bar London

Locations & Maps

Boasting an impressive portfolio of over ten locations in eight different countries, the Novikov brand continues to grow. Interior designeers build up the venue with exquisite attention to detail. They created modern and inviting interiors that truly stand out from the rest. All the locations offer access to some of Asia’s most popular dishes, including sushi, dim sum and more.

The success of this international restaurant empire can be largely attributed to its commitment to providing world-class hospitality service alongside its inventive and signature cuisine. Whether you’re looking for traditional Chinese fare or something more experimental and daring, there will always be something delicious waiting for you at Novikov London.


At Novikov Restaurant & Bar, the menu offers an array of imaginative dishes which look as good as they taste. Every dish is the result of top chefs study who are passionate about bringing Pan-Asian food culture alive in refreshingly new ways. Seasonal vegetables also bring colour and flavour like never before. From Szechuan-style King Prawns with chilli sauce, to stir fried Beef Fillet Udon Noodles and also freshly baked Japanese Pineapple Tarts.

The Asian theme is thoughtfully carried through into the drinks menu too. This allows guests to explore cultures from India, China, Malaysia and also beyond; where East meets West on plate after plate. Not only that, but there are well-priced wine options available throughout the restaurant. This gives you even more reasons to indulge in a culinary journey at Novikov London.

Booking & Reservations


Be sure not to miss out on one of the restaurants larger events such as their annual Mayfair Christmas Market. This event takes place on the streets surrounding Mayfair Place over three days at the end of November each year. It marks a festive start to the season with fun activities lined up throughout all three days! Be sure to book your table ahead so you don’t miss out, as early bird tickets tend to sell out quickly.

Reviews & Testimonials

Novikov Restuarant and Bar’s success can easily depends on the glowing reviews from happy customers who have enjoyed its delicious food. Guests have often dubbed it their “go-to spot” for an authentic Asian experience away from home. With multiple awards already under its name since opening its doors just five years ago, it’s no wonder why everyone is raving about it!

About Novikov

Novikov Restaurant Group was founded by Arkadiy Novikov back in 2012. With 7 000 employees working across more than 100 restaurants across Moscow and St Petersburg, it has quickly become one of Russia’s favorite gastronomical establishments. Its steady rise has fuelled its expansion overseas where customers enjoy its cool interior designs and modern take on Asian fusion cuisine.

Novikov London Restaurant


Do you need to wear high heels to dine at Novikov?

At Novikov, guests should dress in smart casual attire. Footwear should be appropriate for the occasion. While there is no need to wear heels, they are certainly welcome. Trainers, sandals and other casual shoes are not permitted. Jeans that are carefully tailored with no visible rips or tears are fine.

Is it acceptable to wear jeans when dining at Marco Pierre White?

At Novikov Restaurat & Bar you can wear jeans: as long as they are freshly tailored and free from any major rips or tears. It’s important to adhere to a smart casual dress code. Wrong outfit: sportswear, hats or sandals. You can find info about the venues drees code on our extensive dress code article.

What type of attire I need to visit Novikov?

Dining at Novikov requires guests to dress in smart casual attire. This means no sportswear, hats or sandals. Jeans should be freshly tailored without any visible rips. When selecting an outfit, it is recommended to opt for something classic and timeless to ensure a comfortable and stylish experience.

Who is the proprietor of Novikov London?

Novikov London is owned by Arkady Novikov, a renowned Russian entrepreneur and restaurateur. He owns and operates numerous restaurants in Moscow as well as in London, where he opened the Novikov group of restaurants in 2013. Arkady Novikov’s culinary vision encompasses some of the city’s most acclaimed restaurant experiences.


Novikov Restaurant & Bar is the epitome of London’s culinary excellence. From its carefully crafted fusion cuisine, to its signature cocktails, it offers a luxurious experience that is sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or a night out with friends, Novikov provides a quintessential dining experience in the heart of London’s. It gives a perfect start for that clientele that wants to keep partying at one of the best Mayfair clubs.