Home House London Members Club – A Must Experience Luxury Venue

Are you looking for a great way to experience luxurious living in London? Home House London is an exclusive venue just for that. As an experienced professional with years of knowledge in the London nightlife scene, I can confirm that this is one of the must-experience venues in the city. You will enjoy attentive service, top-notch amenities, and world-class entertainment. A visit to Home House London is sure to be something you won’t forget anytime soon.

Home House Club is a prestigious members club founded in 1999 in London. Its diverse membership spans over 4,400 and continues to grow largely due to the club’s high recommendations. To accommodate its growing popularity, Home House Members Club has acquired an additional property within the city center. This is a retreat house for members to relax and enjoy.

Home House London

Home House: An Exclusive Members Club in Marylebone

Situated in the vibrant Marylebone neighborhood, Home House Club is an invitation-only venue. This is a more quiet are compared to Mayfair where some of the top London nightclubs are. It offers its members upscale hospitality with extraordinary and exclusive experiences. First opened in 1999, it has grown in popularity over the last two decades. As said before it counts now over 4,400 members. Due to that, they have acquired an adjacent property to use as a retreat. For all those looking for a refined setting to enjoy themselves in superior circumstances, this is the perfect choice.

History and Purpose of Home House

In terms of history, Home House London seeks to intertwine both traditional and modern elements into its design, offering guests a timeless blend of style and comfort. The facilities available today are designed to uphold that original vision of the Countess of Home’s lavish parties. This whilst providing modern-day amenities such as state-of-the-art entertainment systems. With its combination of classic luxury and contemporary leisure activities on offer, there is something for everyone at Home House Members Club.

Commissioned by the Countess of Home

Only one person, the Countess of Home herself, overshadowed the iconic house. Elizabeth Home worked hard to bring together the perfect mixture of people. This selection included well-known socialites amongst other high rollers who all wanted to experience the unrivalled hedonism available within these walls. During her time as proprietor she invited some of most influential people in society and celebrated with them late into the night.

Facilities Available

Today’s visitors can take part in this grand tradition with twenty grand chambers available. These are equipped with pools, saunas, wellness centers, wine cellars or even full smoking rooms – allowing whatever decadence you desire! On top of the exclusive interiors and veranda overlooking Park Crescent in Marylebone you will also find a full library. This is stocked with thousands of books and magazines for guests to browse whilst indulging in your favorite tipple.

Clientele of Home House

Home House London caters for a wide variety of customers, from business professionals looking for an ideal meeting spot away from the office to families looking for an unforgettable evening out. You’ll find vibrant young entrepreneurs who fill the bars during networking drinks events talking alongside established business moguls enjoying after work cocktails. There is something for everyone here! Its diverse population ensures that guests have access to all kinds of unique experiences that only a members club could provide.


  1. Industry Leaders: Chief executives, Chairmen and other industry leaders can be seen networking away on any given night at home house London.
  2. Young Professionals: An opportunity like this doesn’t come around very often so it’s not surprising to see ambitious entrepreneurs taking advantage.

Business and Social Customers

Home House Club has a diverse clientele that traverses business and social circles, making it an ideal venue for any occasion. From exclusive banquets and corporate events to swanky soirees and Sunday brunches, Home House London is the go-to spot for all your luxury needs. With its grand décor, world-class cuisine, and VIP-level service, it’s no wonder that this London hotspot attracts leaders from top industries in the city.

Home House London Members Club

Gaining Membership to Home House

Becoming a member involves submitting an initial membership enquiry or completing an application form which will be considered monthly by their membership committee. Prospective members should note that applications can only be accepted if all sections have been completed. Once accepted, members will gain access to exclusive benefits such as private dining experiences, light entertainment, champagne sales, constantly changing menus plus even more luxurious amenities. So what kind of membership types are available?

Types of Membership

Experience exclusive luxury like nowhere else with a membership to Home House London. From opulent suites and fine dining restaurants to a rooftop pool and private events, members can enjoy unparalleled comforts. Membership comes in three tiers: Full Member, Young Member, and Country Member. Each membership comes with their own distinct privileges.

Application Process

If you have an interest in joining Home House Club, it’s as easy as completing an application form and putting in your enquiry. Every month the Membership committee will look over all the applications they receive. Just make sure that each section is complete. As a member of Home House London you can look forward to lots of brilliant benefits.

Experience Hedonism at Home House

The House of Home provides the ultimate destination for a good time. With four bars, all hours of nightlife, and plenty of delicious sparkling wines, this spot has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to wind down or to make new memories. Its ever-evolving menu only adds to the excitement and never fails to provide fresh entertainment.

Light Entertainment & Champagne Sales

Home House’s monthly agenda is sure to leave members impressed, with activities such as charming light entertainment and fun-filled happenings inspired by the beloved Bridgerton series. From informative talks on emotional intelligence to delightful wine clubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And, of course, don’t forget about those bubbly bottles – cheers!

Constantly Changing Menu

The menus at Home House Members Club changes frequently to keep things interesting. You can enjoy delicious gastronomic delights such as pan-Asian dishes, wood-fired pizzas and classic speakeasy cocktails. Of course, they also offer vegan dishes if required. Nothing brings friends together like sharing plates of great food.

Luxury Amenities Offered at Home House

Privacy & Opportunity to Broaden Horizons

Members at Home House London really do appreciate the privacy this unique venue provides them with. In fact, there are private meeting rooms, areas for dining and plenty of event spaces, it’s the perfect setting for members to network in style! From recruitment assistants to guest speakers, there are endless opportunities here to expand both personally and professionally.

Fun Environment

The atmosphere at Home House London is jovial yet sophisticated. Tt’s somewhere members can enjoy days and evenings full of fun activities from wine clubs to emotionally intelligent talks – all within a beautiful historic building. Here, members value not only the privacy but also the chance to broaden their outlook socially through various societies and events.

Events & Activities Inspired by the Bridgerton Series

The Bridgerton series brought a wave of excitement to all Home House members. Theu have been charmed by the glamour and indulgence the show brings. From extravagant soirées to lavish balls and spectacular dinners, our opulent venue has everything you need to recreate your favourite moments from season 1. The venues offera a myriad of events and activities folllwing the Bridgerton series. Those are crochet classes, afternoon tea parties, and also Regency dance lessons. Come and luxuriate in the grandeur of 18th century London as you attend these unforgettable experiences!

Dining Experiences

Experience the sophistication of Regency-era London with luxury dining experiences at Home House Members Club! Choose from a range of exquisite dishes while all around are opulent interiors that mirror the grandeur of Bridgerton’s grand ballrooms. Enjoy sumptuous platters and British classics, such as Cornish Crab or Venison Carpaccio, or tantalise your tastebuds with creative cocktails crafted from freshly-sourced ingredients. Each dish offers a flavourful journey back to Regency England.

Cultural Events

Home House London offers cultural events and activities following the Bridgerton Series convcept. This offers guests the opportunity to feel like they are in the world of Regency England. These events provide an excellent way for members to expand their horizons. Guests can attend wine clubs, challenging TED-style talks, informative lectures and seminars, or simply relax with a specially curated music selection.

Members will also have access to exhibitions and displays from time to time. These art shows celebrate different eras of history and are often interactive, making them a great way for guests to explore the cultural significance of Home House Club.

Future of Home House

Home House Members Club is set to become London’s premier destination for luxury events and activities. From glittering soirées to rarified teas, members can expect first-rate hospitality and exclusive access to world-class amenities. With unparalleled attention to detail, Home House London offers an experience like no other—one that will captivate and astound guests of all ages. The future of this exquisite establishment looks even more sumptuous as its walls house more spectacular events, more creative endeavors, and also more memorable moments in the years to come.

Expansion in the Capital and Overseas

Home House, London’s premier members club, is on the cusp of a new wave of ambitious expansion. As they further cement their status as the go-to luxury venue for UK elite, they are also forging ahead in the capital and beyond with plans to open multiple new spaces in 2021. In addition, Home House continue to push boundaries by exploring overseas opportunities that promise to bring their signature hospitality and opulent settings to discerning international jet setters. With sights firmly set on global domination, the future for Home House Club is looking brighter than ever!

Home House Members Club London



Home House Members Club is a must experience luxury venue in London, offering a range of exclusive benefits for its members. Not only does it have an array of fantastic amenities and activities to enjoy, but it also provides a tranquil retreat house in the heart of the city. With its impressive membership base that continues to expand, Home House London is the place to be in London!

For those looking for an extraordinary experience in the capital, Home House Members Club is your destination as well had other private members clubs in London such as The Arts Club and also Tramp London. Its incredible services and facilities suites all types of tastes and requirements. Make sure to join this prestigious club and gain access to some of the finest luxuries London has to offer!