Kadies Club London: A Premier Nightlife Destination

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Kadies Club London offers a unique nightlife experience that attracts both locals and international visitors. Known for its eclectic mix of music and top-tier sound system, Kadies London Club creates an inviting space for everyone to enjoy. The charm of this boutique nightclub lies in its ability to blend sophistication with a laid-back vibe, making it a go-to destination for a memorable night out.

Kadies Club is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and exceptional attention to detail. Guests can expect a night of high-energy beats from world-class DJs, interactive light setups, and also expertly crafted cocktails. The club’s intimate setting ensures that every night feels like a special event, enhancing the overall experience for its patrons.

Conveniently located at 9 Swallow Street, among the best Mayfair clubs, Kadies Club London is easily accessible from major transport hubs like Oxford Circus, Piccadilly, and alo Green Park Station. Its central location in Mayfair makes it a popular choice for those looking to explore one of London’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Whether you’re a seasoned club-goer or new to the scene, Kadies Club promises a night of fun, style, and unforgettable memories. Among all the best things to do in London, paying a visit to Kadies Club is a great time investment.

Kadies Club London Interior

Kadies Club London – Key Takeaways

  • Kadies Club offers a unique and sophisticated nightlife experience.
  • It features world-class DJs, an interactive light system, and crafted cocktails.
  • Located in Mayfair, it is easily accessible from major transport hubs.

Kadies Club London – Membership & Admittance Policies

The Club Kadies offers an exclusive experience with a unique membership and admittance process. Applicants should know about the application process, fees, and also the benefits that come with being a member.

Application Process

To join Kadies Club London, individuals must first submit an application. This step is crucial as the club aims to maintain its exclusive ambiance. The application typically involves providing personal details and indicating why they wish to join.

Applicants may also need to supply references or prove their involvement in the nightlife or entertainment industries. Basically, applicants have to demonstrate they usually attend the best London nightclubs and to have a link at the venue. After submission, the club’s management team reviews applications to ensure eligibility. It is advisable to be thorough and honest in this process to increase the chances of acceptance.

Membership Fees

Membership at Kadies Club requires a fee. This can vary depending on the level of access and benefits desired. There are typically different tiers, including standard and also premium memberships. Each tier offers various privileges, with higher tiers providing more exclusive advantages.

For example, standard memberships might include general access to the club and events, while premium memberships offer additional perks, such as priority entry, reserved seating, and special invitations. It is important to understand the specific costs involved and what each tier includes before committing.

Membership Benefits

Members of Kadies Club enjoy numerous benefits designed to enhance their club experience. These benefits often include access to members-only events, discounted entry fees for guests, and also exclusive areas within the club.

Moreover, members might receive personalized services, such as bespoke cocktail creation and dedicated waitstaff. This level of service ensures that each visit to Kadies Club London is memorable.

Additionally, members have the advantage of networking with other like-minded individuals, making Kadies Club not just a place to unwind but also a venue for valuable social connections.

Kadies Club London Dancefloor

Locations and Accessibility

Kadies Club London is situated in the heart of Mayfair, an upscale district of central London, just next the famous Cuckoo Club. The club’s address is 9 Swallow Street, Mayfair, London W1B 4DF.

The location is well-connected by public transportation. Piccadilly Circus Station and Green Park Station are the nearest Underground stations, providing easy access via the Piccadilly Line.

For those arriving by taxi or rideshare services, the address is straightforward and easy to locate. The club is nestled between Regent’s Street and Piccadilly, notable landmarks in the area.

Accessibility at Kadies London Club ensures that guests can enjoy a comfortable visit. From the entrance to the interiors, thoughtful design details make it easy for everyone to navigate. Staff is also available to assist those who may need extra help.

Contact Information:

Given its central location, Kadies Club London is ideal for visitors looking to explore the vibrant nightlife of Mayfair and also London private members clubs. The club’s surroundings are filled with restaurants, such as Gaucho London, bars, and luxury shops, offering a complete night-out experience.

Amenities & Services – The Kadies Club

Kadies Club in Mayfair offers a wide range of amenities and services designed to provide guests with an exceptional experience. From a proper guestlist-only access club, dining options to event hosting and wellness facilities, this club ensures a memorable visit for all.

The Club at Kadies London

Brougght back as a nightclub from the people behing the famous Maddox Club the club at Kadies offers an intimate clubbing prime location from 10pm from Thursday to Saturday. The club, hosting around 160 people, may look a bit small. However, this, combined with the brick walls and warm lighting internal layourt creats that intimate vibe that bring people together. Kadies Club has recently become a celebrity favourite. In fact, who is a regluar here, might have rubbed the shoulder with Idris Elba, HAIM or Tallia Storm back in 2018 at the NME award after-party. The crowd at Kadies Club London is young, rich, and enthusiastic. There are two similar sections at Kadies Club. They both presents a set of tables surrounding an empty space. The DJ booth is just on the edge of the seating area. Furthermore, there are only two VIP tables which are just behind the DJs.
Kadies guestlist is the only top London nightclub that plays electronic music. This makes it very unique.

Kadies Club guestlist & tables booking

Due to its size, entry at Kadies London Club is guestlist or tables booking only. Guestlist is very limited, therefore we suggest you to book with us few days in advance. In additon, not everyone can be on the guestlist. The girls/guys ratio have to be very high and in general, not more than two guys can be allowed in a group. Guestlist entry does not mean free entry. Entry has a cost for both ladies and gents.
Coming to Kadies table bookings, the minimum spend starts at £1000 for a standard group size of 10 people (not all gents). If you are planning to boost your night with a table, it is advisable to get in touch with us requesting a quote. Dress-code at Kadies guestlist has to be respected. Below you can find more informations.

Dining and Cuisine Options

Kadies Club London features a remarkable selection of dining choices. Their menu showcases an array of fine cuisine from around the world, catering to diverse tastes. Guests can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails at the stylish bar, made by skilled mixologists.

For a more private experience, VIP table services are available, allowing patrons to dine in an exclusive setting. This combines luxury and comfort, ensuring a top-tier dining experience.

Event Hosting and Facilities

Kadies Club is well-equipped to host a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to expansive parties. The venue includes spacious dance floors and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.

With the ability to accommodate private parties, corporate events, and also special occasions, the club provides tailored services to meet individual needs. Professional event planning teams are available to assist in organizing and executing events flawlessly.

Kadies Club London Guestlist

Cultural & Social Aspects at Kadies Club London

Kadies London Club is not just known for its nightlife. In fact, it also provides opportunities for networking, education, and charity involvement. This sets it apart from other clubs in the city.

Networking Opportunities

Professionals from diverse sectors gather at Kadies Club to connect. It’s common to meet individuals from the entertainment, fashion, and business industries. Events are often designed to foster these interactions.

Business mixers and themed nights create an environment to facilitate relationships. These events are often enhanced by the club’s inviting ambiance. Exclusive memberships or guestlists ensure a curated experience, promoting meaningful networking.

Kdies Club – Dress Codes & Etiquette

When visiting Kadies Club London, guests can expect a unique and creative approach to dress codes.

Kadies Club, like many other hot nightclubs in London, does not enforce an official dress code. Instead, they encourage guests to express their personal style. Luxurious outfits that showcase individuality are embraced. We are sure you will find useful our article on London clubs dres-code.

Here are some suggestions for outfits:

  • Men: Dress pants, a collared shirt, and dress shoes, no trainers.
  • Women: Skirt or dress pants paired with a blouse or a dressy top.

Casual wear, such as jeans and t-shirts, are not typically the norm, but creativity is key. Therefore, think stylish and elegant.

Etiquette at Kadies Club involves:

  • Respecting staff and other guests.
  • Adhering to club rules and timings.
  • Maintaining decorum and a positive atmosphere.

Understanding these guidelines will help ensure everyone enjoys their time at Kadies London Club.

Kadies Club London Table Booking

Privacy and Exclusivity

Kadies Club in London is recognized for its privacy and exclusivity. Nestled in the bustling area of Mayfair, it offers a discreet entrance on Swallow Street, ensuring guests can enjoy their night with a sense of seclusion.

The club’s intimate capacity of 160 makes it ideal for private events. This creates a unique atmosphere where guests can feel both special and at ease.

The ambiance is further enhanced by its family-run nature, providing a personal touch that is both professional and warm. This combination of privacy and attentive service makes Kadies Club stand out in London’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Guests at Kadies Club can enjoy bespoke cocktails, crafted with premium ingredients, reflecting the exclusive nature of the venue. Kadies’ Bellini, for example, is a highlight on the menu, featuring Cocchi Rosa, pink grapefruit sherbet, and Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne.

With its art-deco ceiling and exposed brick walls, Kadies Club offers a sophisticated decor that adds to its allure. This attention to detail in both service and environment positions Kadies Club as a prime spot for those seeking a premium nightlife experience.

Whether hosting private parties or enjoying a regular night out, Kadies Club prioritizes guest privacy and exclusivity, offering an unparalleled level of discretion and comfort.