London Clubs Dress Code

The London Clubs dress code.

London is considered from many the “Capital of Western Society” due to its multicultural aspect and since it aggregates most of the biggest corporations headquarters. When it comes to entertainment and nightlife, London has the best offering on the planet. It comes with no doubt that the best nightclubs such as The Box Soho or the world-famous Cirque Le Soir are here. It is also common knowledge that entering at those clubs is not for everyone and rules have to be followed.
Most of you would like to know how to get into a nightclub. Others instead would ask: What is the London clubs dress code? The London Club dress code represents the rules in terms of clothing both ladies and gents need to adhere to if they want to pass the door-selection.

General London Clubs dress-code rules.

The dress code at most of the Nightclubs in London can be described as smart & elegant. What a club wants from you is to dress to impress and look the most beautiful you can. The secret is to stand of out from the crowd and make a good impression to the door staff. Those outlined here are just general rules. However, each club has its own peculiar criteria. We suggest therefore to check here the dress code rules at the club you are aiming to go.

Dress-Code for Ladies.

If you are on the guestlist or you have a private/VIP table booked you must adhere to the London Clubs dress code rules. We have gathered here some quick tips.
● Outfit: a cocktail / mini / short dress (black is the best choice but also blue, white and red); also black trousers and crop top/shirt; jeans are fine; skirt/mini-skirt with a sexy T-shirt/shirt.
● Shoes: heels are a must, better if high heels. Elegant boots are a good alternative. Avoid flat shoes, trainers and sandals.
● Makeup & hairstyle: never forget to enhance your eyes with some mascara or eyeliner and have clean, fixed hair (ponytail, bun, straight). You can freestyle a bit but do not overdo.
London Clubs Dress Code Ladies

Dress-Code for Gents.

Although for ladies there is a bit more variety and flexibility in regards to what to wear, the clubs dress code for gents is pretty strict. In addition, there are no exceptions.
● Outfit: trousers, chinos, slack black or brown (sometimes white but we would avoid). Jeans are a “no” but sometimes if dark it works. No ripped jeans at all. On top wear a shirt, button up, button down, collared, they are all fine. But no sport shirts. A blazer is recommended, especially if you want to wear a trendy T-shirt.
● Shoes: only smart, elegant, city shoes like Oxford or Derby. Loafers are fine. Here you can see all types of smart shoes. Avoid any sort of sport shoes, trainer (even designers).
London Clubs Dress Code Gents


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