Explore the Secrets of London`s Members` Clubs: A Glamorous Look Inside

As a nightlife professional, I’ve had the privilege of exploring the secrets of London’s best nightclubs and London members’ clubs in depth. From private dining to theatre performances and cultural events, these clubs offer a unique and glamorous experience that you won’t find anywhere else. As someone who knows the scene, I can assure you that becoming a member is worth it. This offers not only exclusive access to some of London’s most fashionable circles but also providing a truly memorable atmosphere.

London`s Members’ Clubs have been around since the 1600s when gentlemen’s clubs were established to facilitate socializing and networking among the elite. Over time, these clubs evolved to become more exclusive for professional, political and artistic circles. Today, London`s Members` Clubs offer a wide range of activities. These go from private dining to theatre performances and cultural events. Many of them are known for their distinctive decor, fine cuisine, and old-world charm.

Membership often requires an invitation from an existing member or acceptance from a panel after submitting an application. They are highly sought-after by fashionable individuals looking to stay abreast of the latest trends and be part of the vibrant social scene that London offers.

London Members Clubs

A Brief History of Private Members’ Clubs

The practice of private members’ clubs began in the 17th century in London, particularly around the St James and Pall Mall districts, then known as Clubland. These places were often exclusive and selective associations that served high-society men and women. Different clubs catered to different personalities and interests. Politicians met at the Reform Club, while diplomats gathered at the St James Club.

During this time, these venues were essential for networking, camaraderie and entertainment among the elite. As such, a membership was highly sought after by those who wanted to be part of London’s glamorous upper crust. Following this trend some of the venues started to be known as the best Clubs in Mayfair. They are still the most popular destinations for wealthy people. On the other side of the city a new generation of nightclubs started to take place, the clubs in Chelsea.

Popular Private Members’ Clubs in London


Annabel’s Club is one of the most iconic private members’ clubs in London. Located in a Georgian mansion on Berkeley Square very close to other nightclubs such as Luxx Club, it has earned a worldwide reputation for its luxury interiors and timeless glamour. It offers members the perfect space to work, dine and relax, with a commitment to impeccable service.

Whether you’re looking to host an event or take some time to yourself, Annabel’s is an ideal venue. It is situated just a few steps away from Mayfair’s most famous stores and galleries.

Annabels Mayfair Members Club

Tramp Private Members Club

Founded by Johnny Gold, Bill Ofner and Oscar Lerman in December 1969 on Jermyn Street in central London, Tramp Private Members Club quickly became one of the most esteemed spots among London’s high society. It still operates today as an exclusive haven for those seeking a unique experience within an intimate setting.

At Tramp London Club you can enjoy live music entertainment ranging from jazz and blues to rock ‘n roll performances. All in luxurious surroundings reminiscent of 1950s Hollywood glamour. If you heading to Tramo Club nowadays, you will not miss the new innovative Dear Darling Club.

Tramp Club London Members Club

Home House Club

Home House London is situated on Portman Square in the 18th century townhouse that was once home to Elizabeth Countess of Home. With interiors designed by George III’s architect James Wyatt, this exclusive club offers members true old-world charm. Originally created as a retreat for entertaining guests, it now provides guests with a place to network and socialize while surrounded by sophisticated decor.

Within this stunning space you’ll find the Brasserie restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and also dinner. Each reflecting seasonal flavours that guarantee an exquisite culinary experience. The lounge also has art collection featuring spirited illustrations of Georgian high society parties. Some even hung upside down for extra effect!

Home House London Members Club

Soho House Club

From its humble beginnings back in 1995 when it first opened up on Greek Street in Soho, Soho House London has become one of the world’s most recognized private members’ clubs. From its flagship location at Shoreditch East London, it has expanded its portfolio. In fact it is now settled in Berlin, New York, West Hollywood, Chicago, Toronto, and also Istanbul. They each offers unique spaces tailored towards people from all walks of life.

In addition to its exclusive nightlife atmosphere with bustling bars serving late-night cocktails Soho House Lonson organizes cultural events. These includes cinema screenings book readings and guest lectures from industry leaders. This makes it one of the best go-to places for inspiration creativity conversation. In addition, it boosts high quality dining vibe, perfect for city professionals looking for something new.

Soho House London Members Club

The Arts Club

The Arts Club London is located in Dover Street Mayfair where we can see other top nightclubs such as Tabu London. It is a prestigious London private members club that has been around since 1863. It is dedicated to those who have achieved excellence in varying fields, such as art, literature and also science. The venue’s 18th-century house comprises 16 luxurious rooms, each featuring stunning Portuguese furniture and velvet cashmere wall panels to create an old-world charm. For dining, The Brasserie offers seasonal British cuisine for members and their guests.

The Arts Club London Members Club

The Conduit

Since 2019, The Conduit London has been making a difference in London’s social scene. Under the leadership of Liam Black, the club serves as a gathering spot for entrepreneurs, activists, aid workers, campaigners and policymakers. All looking to make meaningful connections and inspire positive change. Here you can find game nights, guided meditations, conversations and debates. All in an ethically-focused yet stylish setting. Whether it’s yoga classes or lively discussions, this is a place to come together and make a difference.

The Conduit London Members Club

Loulou`s – 5 Hertford Street Club

5 Hertford Street, also called Loulou`s Club is exclusive private member’s club in Mayfair nestled behind unmarked maroon door. Owned by the English millionaire aristocrat Robin Birley, this secretive hideaway remains one influential trendsetting venues occupy capital.

Loulou`s Club is a renowned establishment offering a modern setting for relaxed evenings. Wooden herringbone planks, luxe leather furnishings and polished chrome accents creates an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. This is ideal for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying an evening tipple. With its impressive list of notable VIP guests from the worlds of music, celebrity and politics, it’s no surprise that Loulou`s stands out amongst its competitors.

Loulou`s London Members Club

Pavilion Club

The Pavilion private members club is a luxury workspace and social facility in the City, Knightsbridge and Kensington that was founded in 2002. It offers an exclusive blend of modern facilities, a vibrant social scene and contemporary workspaces to its members. Pavilion Club is known for its exceptional service from concierge to bespoke catering. It presents an opulent settings with some of the most breathtaking views of London.

Membership at Pavilion Club offers access to three iconic city locations. You can therefore move between them as you please. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up on business meetings or host events, Pavilion’s exquisite spaces are perfect occasions.

Groucho Club

Founded in 1985 by a group of female publishers, Groucho Club is one of London’s oldest private members’ clubs. Located on Dean Street in Soho and voted one of the top 10 best private London members’ clubs by Tatler magazine, it provides the perfect sanctuary for arts, literature and media folk. As well as bars and two restaurants, Groucho Club also has several event hosting suites plus guest rooms.

The Groucho Club is famous for its lively atmosphere, excellent food and also great music. Groucho Club draws creative people from all walks of life who come together to share ideas over drinks in sophisticated surroundings. As well as providing private entertainment rooms and dining areas, the club also hosts regular niche events such as film screenings, book launches and art exhibitions.

Groucho Club London Members Club

The Ned London Club

Named for architect Sir Edward ‘Ned’ Lutyens, The Ned London Hotel is a Grade I-listed building that was formerly the headquarters of Midland Bank. It is an ideal destination for connecting professionals across an array of industries. Inside you’ll be able to experience amazing flavours along with high quality wines all while enjoying the gym and spa offerings of Ned’s Club London.

Having access to The Ned London means unlocking doors to exclusive cultural experiences. Those can be for example live music performances or regular talks from leading industry figures hosted at The Ned every week. Members can also take advantage of hotel benefits such as discounted rates when booking unique stays in London or abroad.

The Ned London Members Club

Home Grown Club & Home House

If you’re looking for something a bit more informal then Home Grown Club is worth considering. Home Grown London is a new wave membership organisation. It offers access to quirky venues with an emphasis on creating a community amongst those part of their network. Instead of opting for membership at individual venues they offer a business social package which starts at 649 pounds per year plus 150 pound joining fee.

Home House Club is another great option if you’re looking for something special with plenty of culture thrown into the mix. It offers member’s access to both exclusive parties and also world renowned galleries. This club requires an application process with nominations from existing bondholders before joining.

Home Grown London Members Club

Other London Members Clubs

We would like to add some more London Members Clubs that are worth seeing.

  • The Curtain Club: Shoreditch’s exclusive members’ club offering loads a great variety of services.
  • AllBright Mayfair Club: Women’s Art and Culture members club.
  • Oswald`s Club: a very new addition in London best members clubs.
  • South Kensington Club: now closed.
  • The Court Club: showcasing the most iconic musical talent in history in London.
  • Benefits of Joining a Private Members’ Club in London

    Joining one of London’s private members’ clubs has become increasingly popular over recent years. This because it offers an escape from everyday life while being surrounded by like-minded individuals at the same time. Although membership fees differ greatly depending on what kind of membership you opt for, they tend to be significantly lower than those charged by country clubs in other parts of the world.

    Aside from providing first class dining facilities, many clubs boast impressive programmes ranging from spas days to guest lecturers. This givies talks on topics related creativity and innovation. Other benefits include having priority privileges when booking tickets for shows or gaining discounted access to some of London’s major tourist attractions.

    Requirements to Become a Member

    Explore the mysterious and glamorous world of London’s members’ clubs! Before you can join the exclusive club scene, you should understand the criteria for entry. Generally, this includes an invitation from an existing member, past membership in another club of a similar standing, or endorsement from industry-leading figures. So if you think you have what it takes to experience the secretive splendor of London’s members’ clubs, begin your journey by seeking out a worthy introduction.

    Making the Most of a Private Members’ Club in London

    If you’re looking for an exclusive, luxurious experience in London, private members’ clubs are where it’s at. These offerings provide the perfect opportunity to take in the capital’s many splendours, from fine dining and cocktails to unique entertainment experiences. Making the most of a private members’ club requires some planning and prep. Luckily, with the right strategy, you can savour your stay and create unforgettable memories.

    • Research: Take time to explore what’s on offer at each club. Read reviews, check out social media posts, and speak to people who have visited.
    • Plan: Strategically choose which nights and events will best complement your stay.
    • Indulge: Treat yourself to all the amenities available such as spa services, gourmet meals or art galleries.

    Best Private Members’ Clubs in London for different needs

    London is abuzz with private members’ clubs! Whether you end up sipping champagne in a glittering Art Deco clubroom, or enjoying an intimate evening with friends, there’s something for everyone. Here’s our pick of the best private members’ clubs in London for different needs:

    • For exclusive luxury – The Groucho Club
    • For classic sophistication – The Royal Automobile Club
    • For modern vibes – Shoreditch House
    • For sheer grandeur – Annabel’s
    • For extravagant dining – The Arts Club

    London`s Private Members Club


    Is it beneficial to become a member of a private club?

    Joining a private members club can be a worthwhile experience for many people. With the combination of socialising, networking and exploring new interests, you gain access to a community that can help enhance your life. With the provision of being able to form lasting relationships with like-minded people, as well as indulging in activities such as eating and drinking with newfound friends, there’s plenty you can experience as a member.

    What motivates people to become members of clubs?

    People join clubs and societies for a variety of reasons. These organizations offer members the opportunity to explore their interests, socialize with other like-minded individuals, and partake in recreational activities. Through clubs and societies, members can gain valuable skills and meaningful experiences that can further their personal and professional growth. Additionally, these groups often provide a safe and comfortable space to engage in relaxed conversation, allowing members to build lasting relationships. Most importantly, they offer members a place to have fun and enjoy life!

    Why would you like to become a member of a club?

    Joining a members club offers an incredible opportunity to explore my interests and passions, while also putting me in touch with like-minded people. I crave meaningful connections, and the chance to engage in purposeful conversations with people who share my views, goals and ambitions. Additionally, I look forward to the stimulating environment that comes from being part of something bigger than myself; from sharing experiences with other members and having access to activities and events that expand my horizons.


    London’s members’ clubs are an essential part of the city’s social fabric. It offers incredible experiences to their members. The combination of exclusive access, fine cuisine, and sophisticated decor provide a glamourous setting for those seeking to become part of the vibrant London scene. The invitation or application process associated with membership is a testament to the prestige that comes with being part of these elite circles.

    So if you’re looking for access to the best that London has to offer, then look no further than the remarkable London Members Clubs. You will be sure to find something that suits your taste, whatever it may be!