Nightclubs Covid Rules

Nightclubs Covid Rules.

In May 2021, over 1 year of full closure, nightlife started to see some light at the end of this long tunnel. Some of the London Clubs we remember from before March 2020, are reopening. Although, some of them such as Cafe De Paris or ToyRoom will keep their doors shut.
This great news does not come without any restriction of course. Nightclubs covid rules still strictly applpies and they will for a while, at least till June 21st 2021, when the Govt plans to lift all restrictions. Are we sure this is going to happen? We want to be very positive, even though, news coming from across the world makes the future impossible to predict.

These measures aim to reduce the possible spread of the covid19 virus, while still guaranteeing a great experience for the party goers. After some long debates between the nightclubs owners association and members of the government the following has been decided.

Opening as “Lounge Bar”. Changing the adjective from “Nightclub” to “Lounge bar”, license parameters change, and also do the anti-covid rules. As bars are open now, nightclubs operating as “lounge bars” can open as well. Make sense.
Reduced capacity. Nightclubs are going to operate at reduced capacity in order to avoid too much contact. This should be 50-60% of the normal capacity listed on the club personal license. There won`t be exceptions, clubs are in fact under strict regulations by the Council.
Reduced opening hours. The lounges open from May 2021 can be open till 3am. Most of the venues decided therefore to open from 10pm to 3am.
No guestlist. In order to avoid people standing outside in the queue, even with 1-2 metres distance, there won`t be guestlist. This drastically affects promoters activity and their regular customers as well.
Tables Booking only policy. Admission at London nightclubs is now tables only. Take a look at how you can get into a nightclub following the covid restrictions.

  • 6 people maximum per table. If your group is 7 people, you have to book 2 tables.
  • Minimum spend from £500 to 1000, depending on the club.
  • Booking has to be made by 1pm of the day of the party. No last minute enquiries.

Guestlist admission might be possible on some occasion. Hence, please get in touch with us to know more.
Nothing has changed in terms of nightclubs general entry policy or the dress code policy rules.

Nightclubs covid rules in London

Top 7 clubs open at the moment list:
Proud Late London.
Dolce Club London.
Jako Club.
Luxx Lounge.
Tape Lounge.
Libertine Lounge.
Duo London.
If you would also like to enjoy some dinner & lounge, the following venues are on the top of our list:
Monkey House.
Shaka Zulu.
Restaurant Ours.

We understand that this situation is not ideal, as not all of you aim to spend £500-£1k for a table for just a group of 2.
If you are one of the lucky people who cannot wait to party at the best London clubs, have a look at our Table Booking Page to gain all the general info on how to book a private/VIP table.