Nightclubs Entry Policy

Nightclubs Entry Policy – London.

Nightlife is so far the biggest and more exclusive entertainment industry in London. In fact, access to the best London nightclubs is not for everyone. So far the people who rules the industry and the Council requirements have set up a set of nightclubs entry rules. Those rules have to be carfully resepcted. The penalty is not being able to access the venue. We have therefore highlited here the most important nightclubs entry policy rules so you won`t have any issue at any clubs.

Nightclubs entry policy rules London

Admission policy.

As condiered “private memebers” clubs, entry at those venues cannot be a simple walk in. All guests need to belong to a list. After saying that, you have two choices.
(1) Being on a guestlist. Simply contact us by phone or WhatsApp at +447805727429 or email to inquiry for the club and the day you want to go. Benefits of being on our guestlist will be also seating on our hosting table and receiving some complimentary drinks.
(2) Booking a private or VIP table. When you have a budget to spend in bottles, this is the best and fastest way to access the venue. That is also the most enjoyable experience. Table booking rules and policy also applies. You can find all info on our Table Booking Page.

Age restriciton.

As per Council/Government law, all nightclubs guests have to be 18+. Some clubs require clients to be over 21. This can be anytime or on specific day of the week. Sometimes, the club managment, despite letting in small groups of 18s, might refuse entry if the group is bigger, let`s say 5-8 people, and with no older people. We suggest therefore to check with us everytime you planning to party if your group age is suitable for the desired club.

Proof of identity.

According to the nightclubs entry policy regulaitons introduced back in 2013 from the UK Government, all clubs clients must have with them a valid proof of identity. This is not a proof of age, but a proof of who you are, of who is inside the venue. Due to the high penalty a club will face if they let in people without valid documents, the security stronlgy enforces this. There are no exceptions.
Valid proof of identy documents are:
● Passport.
● National Identity (ID) card with a photo.
● Driving license.

Not valid: Oyster registered cards, bank cards, ID cards without a photo.

Dress Code Entry Policy.

Once you are sure you have your ID document and you are on the guestlist, it is time to decide what to dress. All nightclubs have similar rules in terms of what you can wear and what you cannot. We have gathered all general nightclubs dress code rules and also a club-specific set of rules. You can refer to our articles to go deep into the dress code rules and be sure your night wont have disappointments.
In short, the dress code at London nightclubs is “smart & elegant”. For the ladies heels are a must in combination with a chic outfit. For the gents, only dark elegant shoes with trousers and a shirt. Any sort of trainers are not accepted.

Behaviour Policy.

This is something most of the people forget. So, we decided to be very clear about it. The club security will not allow entry for any intoxicated or misbehaving costomers. This means, be careful with pre-drinks. In fact, if you arrive and you smell of alcohol or you look tipsy or drunk, the security will deny your access. Likewise, even if you are sober but you are too loud or are rude to the door-staff, this will be taken as “misbehaving”. Avoid to come with bottles of spirits, or even botltes of water with a cocktail inside, the doormen will notice it.

The club`s management has the right to refuse entry when the requirements are not matched or for any other reason. Their decision cannot be changed.