Our Partners

Our Partners.

During our 10 years of activity Privilege Entertainment has been able to establish very good relationships with many partners in the hospitality industry as well as other side of business. One of our director motto is “your success relies on the networks around you”. We truly believe this is one of the most important key to success. We take seriously every collaboration and our goal is grow together with our partners.
Here a list of our most recent collaborators updated on 2020.


Partners - Sustainability Success

Visit Sustainability Success Website

Would you like to learn more about how to have a more sustainable lifestyle and how to contribute to preserving the environment in your day to day life? You are going to love Sustainability Success! Are you a business leader or just interested in new groundbreaking technologies and environmental issues? You will find interesting insights into where the market and the world will be going in the next decade. Transform your company into a super-efficient, competitive and profitable business by pursuing new green technologies and overall sustainability!


Partners - Relixiy Weighted Blankets

Visit Relixiy Weighted Blanket Website

The Relixiy Weighted Blanket is a natural solution for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of “Deep Touch Pressure” stimulation, our blanket feels like a gentle hug: naturally calming, warm and relaxing.
The removable luxury cover is made with the finest fabrics on the market, for cloud-like cosiness. Relixiy is allowing a more restful sleep, supporting you in achieving your goals.
Get back your Dreams during the night and get the energy to turn them into reality during the day, thanks to a Relixiy Weighted Blanket.

Transformational Life Coaching with Lisa Proshina

Partners - Transformational Life Coaching with Lisa Proshina

Visit Lisa Proshina Website

Lisa Proshina is a leading Life Coach in the UK, more specifically, a certified transformational life coach.
Transformational coaching is a non-leading, non-judgmental, non-advisery approach. By using powerful questions, reflections and other coaching tools I can help you to create an inner change that you need and to start taking the right actions for your desired outcome.
Change your life and achieve your dreams thanks to the life coaching offered by Lisa.


Partners - Tuana Restaurant

Visit Tuana Restaurant Website

Tuana is a fresh Turkish restaurant in London’s Muswell Hill. The traditional Turkish and Mediterranean recipes create an authentic taste of the homeland. Tuana is a family-run establishment, preparing food with elements of passion, presenting it in an enticing manner characterized by Tuana’s brand identity. Turkish recipes that we know today were originally derived from Greek, Armenian, Jewish, Persian and Arab styles.


Partners - Kua `Aina Carnaby Street

Visit Kua `Aina Website

Kua ‘Aina, or “Koo-a eye-na”, means “back country”. This often describes a country bumpkin in Hawaii. A favourite of President Barack Obama when he’s back home. Terry Thompson’s lava-rock chargrilled burger and sandwich creations with homemade seasonings have become famous since he opened the original Kua ‘Aina on Hawaii’s in 1975. Forty years on, his legendary burgers and succulent sandwiches are still wowing locals, surfers and visitors alike. In London you can also experience the unmistakable lava-grilled taste of Kua ‘Aina by visiting the shop just off Carnaby Street. You’ll receive an Aloha! welcome.

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