Dear Darling Club guestlist – Saturday

Dear Darling Club guestlist – Saturday

@ Dear Darling Club

Location: London
Time: 11:00 pm – 3:00 am

Dear Darling Club guestlist — Saturday.

If you like to attend a VIP Mayfair club which has some erotic and kinky feautures, look no further than Dear Darling Club guestlist. Althought, this is a new venue among the best Mayfair clubs, it has already been creating quite interesting rumors around. In fact, the kinky and erotic theme, combined with a proper VIP nightclub, has not seen before in London. Dear Darling nightclub is set on two floors. While the upstairs is a bar and also a lounge with mainly house music, the downstairs the pearl of the venue. In fact, here is where you can see the mysterious performances and latex-dressed waiters. The whole floor has decorations with latex objects and there are also mirrors all around.
Partying at Dear Dalring Club guestlist or booking a VIP table is the 2023 ultimate experience. The venue hosts also Dear Darling guestlist on Friday.

Contact us to be on Dear Darling Club guestlist. Our 24/7 WhatsApp service will send you all info.

Dear Darling Club Guestlist

Dear Darling Club guestlist info

TIME & COST (door opens at 11pm)

  • £20 entry fee for ladies. However, there might be free entry from 11pm till 11:30pm and on door discretion.
  • £20 entry fee for gents.
  • Tables booking: private tables cost starts at £1000. This is the minimum spend. In addition, this price is for a stndard group of 10 people and not more than 5 guys. If your group is larger or all-gents, the minimun spend will therefore rise up. To have a precise quote or for VIP tables, we suggest to contact us.
  • Dear Darling guestlist door closes at 1:30am. No chance to get in after 1:30am.


  • No guestlist no entry policy. Book your guestlist with us if you want to get in.
  • No ID no entry policy. Everyone aiming to get into the club needs to provide a valid identification document. This can be a national photo ID card, a driving license or also a passport.
  • The dress code at Dear Darling Club is classy and elegant. To make sure you get in, just follow our advices below. For the ladies, wearing a dress is the best option. However, combining trousers, short or even jeans with a shirt or a crop top will be accepted as well. What cannot be mistaken are the shoes. Only heels or heeled book are ok. For gents the most important aspect are the shoes. In fact, gents can wear only elegant shoes such as Oxford, Derby or city shoes. On the other hand, trainers or designer trainers are not allowed. Wearing trousers, collared shirt and possibly a blazer is your winning outfit. However, gents can wear jeans if dark and not ripped, and a T-shirt if under a blazer.
  • Behaviour: if you come to the club tipsy or drunk, the security staff will deny your entry. In addition, the same might happen if you are too loud or missbehaving.

Being added to the Dear Darling Club guestlist does not automatically guarantee your entry. In fact, the door staff might refuse you access on their own decision.


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