Maddox guestlist – Thursday

Maddox guestlist – Thursday

@ Maddox Club

Location: London
Time: 11:30 pm – 4:00 am

Maddox guestlist — Thursday.

Thurday night in London is dominated by only one club, Maddox Club. This night is equivlent in temrs of quality of crowd and affluence to a Saturday night, despite being a day in the middile of the week. Since Maddox guestlist Thursday is where everyone wants to party, entry at Maddox guestlist will not be easy. Therefore, prepre to dress to impress the door-staff if you want to have a chance to get in. Also, prices will be higher compared to standards. This night is the best choice for corporate table booking parties. Maddox Club has House music policy but occasionally it is mixed with RnB and HipHop. There are also top nights on Friday and Saturday at Maddox Club. The guestlist entry is only for ladies. Therefore, any gent/s who wants to access the venue has to book a table.

Contact us on WhatsApp to request to join the guestlist for Maddox Club. This is the prty you would want to attend at least once in your life.

Maddox Guestlist Thursday London

Maddox guestlist info

TIME & COST (door opens at 11:30pm)

  • Admission for ladies cost £20.
  • There might be free entry for ladies but this is only on door decision and also before 1am. After 1am the cost will be either £10 or £20.
  • There is no guestlist for gents. No exceptions.
  • Booking a table at Maddox: tables must be mixed groups (no all gents). The minimum spend starts at £1500 for 2 to 10 people. There are no cheaper tables on Thursday. This price is for a group of 10 people and 4 guys maximum. We suggest to contact us to get a precise quotation based on the number of guys and girls in your group.
  • Green Room tables starts at £1000.
  • Maddox guestlist last arrival time is at 2:00am.

Maddox guestlist ENTRY POLICY

  • Guestlist or table booking entry only. No other ways to get in. Furthermore, the guestlist entry is for ladies only.
  • To comply with the regulations, it is mandatory for all guests to carry a valid identification document. This has to be presented to the club security. Therefore, bring with you your national photo ID card, driving license or passport.
  • Dress-code at Maddox guestlist: classy and elegant. We strongly suggest ladies to wear a dress and put on proper heels. Any kind of dress will work. Sometimes, heeled boots are fine but we would still opt for heels. An alternative outfit could be trousers/skirt with a sexy shirt or crop top. The gents dress-code is stricter. We suggest to wear trousers, collared shirt and smart/elegant shoes. Do not deviate from this outfit or you might not get in. In terms of shoes we reccomend types like Oxford, Derby and also mocassins. The venue deos not accept any sort of trainers or designer trainers, sportswaer or casual outfit for ladies and gents. We are sure you will find very usaful our full article about the London clubs dress-code.

Although you might have a Maddox guestlist booked, this does not mean you get in for sure. In fact, the club door-staff might refuse your entry is you do not match with the club requirements.


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