Taste Latin Flavour with Inca Restaurant & Bar London

The moment you step into Inca Restaurant restaurant, you will explore a Latin flavour journey. With my years of experience in the London nightlife scene, I can confirm that this is one of the best Latin venues in town. From Peru to Brazil and Argentina to Nikkei influences, Inca Restaurant offers something for every palate. Each dish has its ownexpertise and precision, providing guests an unforgettable dining experience. The venue also offers a great clubbing experience with its nightclub, Luna, which has nothing less then the most popular nightclubs in London.

Inca London is a Latin-inspired restaurant located in the heart of London’s West End. Established in 2018, Inca offers an eclectic menu featuring traditional dishes from Peru, Argentina and Brazil, as well as unique twists on classic Latin cuisine. The menu is a fusion of South American ingredients with modern touches and Nikkei Kitchen influences, all cooked over fire to bring out the unique flavours. Each dish is expertly crafted to give guests an authentic and memorable dining experience.

Inca London Restaurant

Inca London: An Unforgettable Dining Experience

The venue offers a truly unique dining experience. From the moment you walk in, you’re transported to a world of ancient andean culture with vibrant colours, decorative wall accents, and also modern culinary touches from around the world. You can explore South American flavors while indulging in dishes crafted with traditional ingredients, local flair and Nikkei Kitchen influences. Inca also offers an amazing selection of drinks featuring fine wines and freshly-crafted cocktails. And now with their new Luna Club London below the restaurant, guests can enjoy an unforgettable night out.

The menu features an eclectic variety of dishes celebrating flavors from Peru, Argentina and Brazil, plus unique twists on classic Latin cuisine. All dishes are expertly cooked over open fire – giving them a unique smoky flavor that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. For example, guests can enjoy traditional Peruvian ceviche or a savory Argentine steak. And for dessert, try the quinoa pudding or churros – all made from Inca’s own family recipes! Despite other restaurants with entertainment London, which offer traditional cousine, Inca London offers a unique curated menu.

Inca Restautant Menu & Prices

At Inca, guests are invited to experience a taste of vibrant flavors from Peru. The starters include options such as oyster shooters with chicha foam and wasabi tobiko, and the main courses range from kingfish tiraditos and grilled beef tenderloin. Prices start from $9 for starters, $17 for entrees, $7 for sides, and there are also an array of desserts for $10-18. Drinks are also available on the menu. Enjoy a unique culinary adventure at Inca Restaurant!

One standout dish is the black cod served over spinach & soya bean rice — succulent fillet chock-full of flavors that will make your mouth water! The quinoa salad is also worth noting — it packs in plenty of flavor thanks to umami cream vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, and crisp vegetable crudité.

Reviews and Recommendations

For the most part, customers who visited Inca Restaurant have great things to say about their visit. Many praised their attentive service staff as well as their delicious dishes accompanied by dedicatory music from Peru’s greatest artists playing in background which give customers a real sense of the place they are eating in.

One customer wrote “I had an amazing time at Inca London! The food was delicious—the cod was beautifully cooked—and the service was outstanding. Plus with their newest addition of Luna club just downstairs I could complete my night out starting off with a meal up top then some fun clubbing later on—definitely recommend this place!”

Making Reservations

Dining at Inca London is always popular, so reservations are highly recommended to ensure you get a table upon arrival. Reservations should be made online at least two weeks in advance by heading over to their website. For larger groups (8 people or more), please contact their restaurant team directly using the given contact information below.

When making a reservation, keep in mind that dining times are limited to two hours per table. To be respectful of other guests who may be waiting for your table after your designated time slot has ended, please make sure you arrive punctually to take full advantage of your dining experience.

Inca London Members’ Club

Benefits of Joining

Experience unique Latin flavour and a real nightclubs experience at Luna Club by Inca London. Luna is the intimate nightclubs inside Inca Restaurant. Enjoy exclusive benefits, from complimentary cocktails to complimentary culinary delights perfect for foodies. As a member, you gain access to private events and promotions that can’t be found anywhere else! So don’t miss out – join the club and savour Inca London’s signature Latin flair.

How to Join Inca Restaurant

Indulge in an array of delectable Latin dishes and refreshing libations with Inca London Restaurant & Bar! Joining our exclusive members’ club is easy – simply fill out our online form to apply for membership. You can also request a guestlist or a table for the Luna Club, the nightclub inside Inca Restaurant.

  1. Become a part of our exclusive members’ club! Enjoy special offers, discounts and privileges that come with being a member. Join today and start taking advantage of all the benefits.
  2. Fill out the information you need on the application page.
  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Submit your application for review.

Become a member of our exclusive club! Enjoy special discounts on delicious grilled meals and gain access to exclusive offers. Join today and treat yourself to a unique experience.

Exclusive Offers

Give your palate an exquisite Latin experience at Inca London Restaurant & Bar! As a member of the exclusive Inca London Members’ Club, you’ll be privy to unbeatable offers, including free drinks with dinner, 2 for 1 cocktails and discounts on food. Join today and savour the flavour!

Overall Experience at Inca London

Step into the chic and contemporary Inca London Restaurant & Bar, and experience Latin flavours like never before! An enchanting atmosphere and tantalizing menu create a perfect ambience to indulge in some of Latin America’s most delicious cuisine. From traditional dishes such as churrasco de pollo (grilled chicken) and ceviche, to innovative takes on classics, there’s something for every taste. With meticulous service and extraordinary attention to detail, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience sure to please.

Planning Your Visit

When planning your visit to Inca London, there are a few things to keep in mind. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, it is important to make reservations beforehand and arrive on time. Dining reservations will last for two hours, with tables held for 15 minutes before they are offered to waiting guests. To make the most of your time at Inca London, we recommend that you arrive within the allotted time frame.

The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere and smart casual dress code; please bear in mind no shorts or swimwear are allowed. For any further information, please contact us who can answer any questions you might have. Alternatively have a look at our Lodnon clubs dress code page.

Contact Information

Inca London welcomes all inquiries from its customers and potential visitors. If you would like more information about the menu or bookings, you can contact us by phone or email. Our friendly team of staff are available Monday – Friday 9am-5:30pm and Saturday 9am-6pm.


What is the minimum amount of money required to shop at Inca?

Inca does not have a minimum spend. Customers are welcome to enjoy Inca’s menu of steakhouse favorites at their own discretion and expense.

The pricing for each dish reflects the quality of ingredients and the expertise of the chefs, so diners can be sure they’re getting excellent value for money regardless of their budget.

Who is the owner of Inca London?

Inca London is owned by the Inca Group, a global hospitality business with properties and interests in continents around the world. Inca London prides itself on its commitment to providing high-quality dining experiences that reflect both the company’s expansive reach and authentic Peruvian roots.

When did Inca London appear in London?

The restaurant Inca London opened its doors in 2020. This popular Argentinian steakhouse provides the best of Argentinian beef prepared with a unique Inca twist and flavour. Located in London’s financial district, they really want to delivering an unforgettable experience for their guests.

What city has the most delicious cuisine?

The debate over which city has the best food in the world continues to rage among foodies, but it’s fair to say that both Buenos Aires and London are up there when it comes to culinary prowess. With Argentinian beef renowned for its quality and London known for its international flavour, these two cities certainly stand out when it comes to good eating. Ultimately, the decision is yours: will you opt for melt-in-the-mouth steak or explore exotic flavours? Whichever way your palate takes you, both Buenos Aires and London offer an exciting culinary adventure!


Dining at Inca London is with no doubt an unforgettable experience. The unique flavors from Peru, Argentina, Brazil and also the Nikkei Kitchen come together in sublime harmony on the plate. Every bite is bursting with deliciousness and creativity, making it a must-have culinary experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a family outing or an evening with friends – Inca London has the best for you.

Treat yourself to a taste sensation – visit Inca London Restaurant & Bar for the ultimate Latin Flavour experience. With its distinctive atmosphere and exquisite dishes, Inca London is sure to be your new favourite restaurant!