The Sloane Club London: Exclusive Amenities & Membership Benefits

Founded in 1922 by Princess Helena, The Sloane Club London is a prestigious private members’ club located in Chelsea. This stylish venue offers a variety of spaces and activities to suit various lifestyles and needs, whether you’re looking to work, relax, or socialize. Strategically located in Chelsea, the club provides exclusive access to many faclilities and activities. Among them we can count on elegant rooms, a fine restaurant, a bar, a co-working space, and alo a range of events and activities.

The club’s history is deeply linked to its members. Originally established as the Service Women’s Club for female officers of the Armed Forces, it then evolved to become the Helena Club for ladies before eventually opening its doors to men in 1976. Today, The Sloane Club London continues to maintain its strong legacy while adapting to modern needs.

Membership at The Sloane Club not only grants access to these exceptional amenities but also places you in one of London’s finest neighborhoods. With 106 beautifully appointed bedrooms and suites, members can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay. The club’s location on Lower Sloane Street puts you right in the heart of Chelsea, offering easy access to London’s top attractions and the best nightclubs in Chelsea.

The Sloane Club London

History of The Sloane Club London

The Sloane Club has a rich history spanning over 100 years. Originally founded as The Helena Club, it began as a space exclusively for women.

In recent years, under new ownership, The Sloane Club London has undergone significant changes. One of the pivotal moments in its history was when it opened its doors to gentlemen, marking a new era of inclusivity.

To attract a younger audience, The Sloane Club has continually evolved its offerings. Recent renovations have modernized the venue, ensuring it remains stylish and relevant. This includes the introduction of Sloane Place, a boutique hotel and restaurant adjacent to the main club.

Milestones in its history include:

  • Founding as The Helena Club: Early 20th century.
  • Renaming to The Sloane Club: Marking a new chapter.
  • Introduction of gentlemen: Significant change in membership policy.
  • 100th Anniversary: Celebrated with grandeur.
  • Recent Revamps: Multiple refurbishments to modernize facilities.

Notable features added in the recent past include the Venus Room and The Roof Terrace, expected to open in stages through 2024 and 2025. The Club also houses Helena’s and The Demob Bar, adding to its rich blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

Through its transformations, the essence of The Sloane Club London remains—a refined yet welcoming space for its members, continuing its legacy well into the future.

The Sloane Club London – Location & Accessibility

Located in the heart of Chelsea, The Sloane Club offers ease of access for its members and guests. It’s near key transportation hubs and notable landmarks, making it convenient for various commutes and visits.

Address and Directions

The Sloane Club is situated at 62 Lower Sloane Street, London, SW1W 8BP. This prime location places it in one of London’s most stylish and vibrant areas we we can find also other top nightclubs such as Raffles Chelsea and Tonteria London. Visitors can easily find the Club just a short walk from the bustling Sloane Square.

From Sloane Square, head southwest on Sloane Street. Lower Sloane Street will be on your left. The iconic Club building, with its elegant facade, is hard to miss. If driving, note that street parking is available but can be limited. Secure parking options are nearby for those arriving by car.

Transport Links

The Sloane Club benefits from excellent transport links. The nearest Tube station is Sloane Square, just a few minutes’ walk away.

This station is on the District and Circle Lines, providing direct connections to other parts of London. For national and international travelers, London Victoria Station is also close by. It’s only a short distance from the Club and offers both National Rail and further Underground services.

Additionally, numerous bus routes pass through Sloane Square, providing convenient options for local travel. Thus, whether by Tube, train, or bus, getting to The Sloane Club is straightforward and efficient.

The Sloane Club

Membership & Admission

The Sloane Club in London offers a range of membership options, a straightforward admission process, and various benefits for its members. Each type of membership provides different privileges.

Types of Membership

The Sloane Club provides several membership categories to fit varied lifestyles and needs. Full Members enjoy unrestricted access to all club amenities. Corporate Members, designed for businesses, allow employees to use the facilities for both meetings and leisure. For younger professionals instead, there is a Young Member option, which has a reduced fee for individuals under 30. Additionally, Non-Resident Members cater to those who live outside London but wish to use the club’s facilities when they visit the city. Each membership type is designed to offer flexibility and exclusivity.

Admission Process

Joining The Sloane Club involves a clear and systematic admission process. Interested individuals need to fill out an application form which includes personal details and the membership type they are interested in. They may also need to provide references or endorsements from current members. Future members need to pay joining fees to initiate the process. Once the application is reviewed and approved, new members can start enjoying the club’s facilities. The club ensures a smooth and transparent admission procedure to make the onboarding experience pleasant.

Membership Benefits

Members of The Sloane Club London enjoy an array of benefits designed to enhance their lifestyle. Full access to the club’s facilities including dining areas, lounges, and rooftop spaces is provided. Members can also take advantage of the Affiliate Clubs program, granting access to partner clubs worldwide. Exclusive events and gatherings are regularly organized for members. Furthermore, special room rates are available for members who wish to stay at the club. Additional services include access to a concierge, wellness programs, and also networking opportunities. These benefits ensure that each member has a well-rounded and enriching experience at the club.

The Sloane Club London – Accommodation

The Sloane Club offers a range of luxurious accommodations and numerous guest services designed to enhance the stay. Here are key details about the various options and amenities available.

Rooms and Suites

The Sloane Club features a selection of rooms and suites that cater to different needs. The rooms are elegantly furnished, providing a comfortable and refined atmosphere. Guests can choose from classic single rooms to more spacious options like deluxe double rooms and also suites.

All accommodations come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and luxury bedding. The suites offer additional space and amenities, including separate living areas and Nespresso coffee machines. Some rooms also provide stunning views of the Chelsea neighborhood.

Booking and Rates

Booking a stay at The Sloane Club London can be done easily through their official website or various travel platforms. Rates vary depending on the type of room selected and the season. For example, standard rooms might start at £250 per night, while suites can go up to £600 per night.

Special packages and discounts are often available, particularly for extended stays or early bookings. The Club also offers a flexible cancellation policy, giving guests peace of mind when planning their stay.

Guest Services

The Sloane Club offers several top-notch guest services to ensure a memorable experience. These include 24-hour room service, daily housekeeping, and concierge services to assist with reservations and travel plans.

Guests have access to laundry and dry cleaning services. The Club also features a wellness center with a gym, offering various fitness equipment and personal training sessions. Business services, such as meeting rooms and workspaces, are available for those traveling for work.

The Sloane Club London Terrace

Dining and Cuisine

The Sloane Club in London offers a range of dining experiences that promise both exceptional service and delectable food. The restaurant is at the same level of the famous Sumosan Twiga which is just round the corner. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at one of their restaurants or planning a private event, there’s something to suit every palate.

Restaurants and Bars

The Sloane Club features The Roof Terrace, a hidden gem that combines delightful cuisine, impeccable service, and a stunning setting. This terrace is known for its exceptional atmosphere, offering views over London. It’s open to both club members and the general public during the summer.

Every Friday night, live music from the weekly Sloane Sessions adds to the ambiance, making it a perfect spot for evening relaxation.

Private Dining

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, The Sloane Club offers private party facilities. These spaces are designed to provide an exceptional and personalized dining experience, perfect for special occasions.

Guests can make arrangements through their private party contact, Charlotte McDowell, ensuring every detail is catered to. The club’s event spaces offer a unique blend of elegance and privacy for any gathering.

Menu Specialties

The menu at The Sloane Club boasts a variety of luxurious dishes. A popular choice is the Sloane Place Sunday Roast, served with Surrey farmed grass-fed Angus roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, goose fat roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, green beans, gravy, and horseradish at £29 per person.

For those with a taste for different culinary delights, the roof terrace dining experience offers a variety of seasonal dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The menu is designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring that every meal is memorable.

Events and Functions

The Sloane Club in London offers a variety of unique spaces for hosting private events, business meetings, and also weddings. Each area is designed to provide an exceptional experience, tailored to meet the specific needs of different kinds of gatherings.

Private Events at the Sloane Club London

The Sloane London Club provides an elegant setting for private events. Hosting a party in one of their sophisticated event spaces ensures a memorable experience.

Guests can enjoy the refined décor and exceptional service. The club’s dedicated Events Team helps coordinate every detail, from catering to entertainment. Popular spaces include intimate rooms for smaller gatherings and larger halls for celebrations. The club maintains a balance of tradition and modern elegance.

Business Meetings

For business meetings, The Sloane Club offers state-of-the-art facilities. The Chelsea, a bright and airy co-working space, includes rooms equipped with the latest technology.

These spaces provide an ideal environment for brainstorming sessions, presentations, or executive meetings. The team ensures all technical needs are met, including audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet. Additionally, catering services are available to make meetings more productive and enjoyable.


The Sloane Club is also a prestigious venue for weddings. Renowned for its timeless elegance, the club provides a sophisticated backdrop for both ceremonies and receptions.

The experienced Events Team assists in planning every aspect of the wedding, from décor to menu selections. The graceful event spaces can be tailored to accommodate both small, intimate gatherings and larger, grand celebrations. Their attention to detail ensures that every wedding held here is unique and special.

The Sloane Club London Garden

Facilities & Amenities

There are a winde range of high-quality facilities at The Sloane Club. They are designed to enhance every aspect of its members’ lives.

Amenities include:

  • Lounges: Casual and formal lounge areas for relaxation and social gatherings.
  • Dining: Both casual dining options and formal dining rooms to match any occasion.
  • Bar: A well-stocked bar providing an array of drinks.


  • Bedrooms: Over 130 rooms, including osy Doubles for solo travelers and Spacious Suites for longer stays.
  • Luxury Apartments: 18 luxury apartments in Chelsea managed by The Sloane Club.

Additional Services:

  • Meeting Rooms: Spaces equipped for business meetings and private events.
  • Rooftop Yoga: Sessions available for relaxation and fitness.
  • Room Service: Available for personalized in-room dining experiences.

The Club ensures comfort and convenience with amenities like Molton Brown toiletries, enhancing the stay of every member and guest.

The Sloane Club – Dress Code & Etiquette

Members and guests of The Sloane Club are expected to follow a smart dress code. The dress-code in here is pretty similar to the neighbouring nightclubs such as B London Club. This includes dress pants, collared shirts, and dress shoes for men. Women should wear skirts, dress pants, blouses, or dressy tops.

Casual attire is allowed in specific areas. This includes jeans, shorts, and also t-shirts. However, it is essential to check the guidelines for each area beforehand.

Main Dining Areas:

  • Men: Dress pants, collared shirts, dress shoes.
  • Women: Skirts, dress pants, blouses.

Casual Zones:

  • Allowed: Jeans, shorts, t-shirts.

Behavior should be respectful at all times. Following the club’s etiquette rules ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.

Basic Etiquette Tips:

  • Respect Privacy: Avoid disturbing others.
  • Mobile Phones: Use on silent mode in common areas.
  • Reservations: Make bookings in advance for dining or events.

The SLoane Club Policies

The Sloane Club has a set of guidelines to ensure a pleasant environment for all members. These policies focus on respect, safety, and maintaining standards.

New members must provide valid identification and pass a background check. This process helps maintain a secure and respectful community.

Dress code is smart casual. Members and guests should avoid wearing sportswear, ripped jeans, or flip-flops. This maintains a stylish atmosphere within the club.

Mobile phone usage is limited to specific areas. Phones must be on silent mode in common spaces to preserve a peaceful setting.

Guests can accompany members but should adhere to club policies. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior.

The club is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor areas.

Pets are not allowed inside except for service animals.

Booking in advance is necessary for rooms, dining, and events. This ensures availability and smooth service.

Children under the age of 12 are welcome only during specific hours and must be supervised at all times.

Notable Members

The Sloane Club, with its rich history and modern amenities, has always attracted a diverse and distinguished membership.

Prominent Figures

Many well-known individuals from various fields are part of The Sloane Club. Artists, writers, and business magnates often find the club’s atmosphere conducive to their creative and professional pursuits.

Celebrity Members

The club is frequented by celebrities and influencers who value the privacy and exclusivity it offers. The relaxed yet stylish ambiance makes it a popular choice among them.

Business Leaders

Top executives and renowned business leaders also prefer The Sloane Club for networking and unwinding. Its amenities, such as co-working spaces and fine dining, cater to their busy lifestyles.

International Members

With the club’s reputation transcending borders, many international figures have also joined. They appreciate the blend of tradition and modernity that The Sloane Club London represents.

The combination of historic charm and contemporary facilities creates an ideal environment for these notable members, making The Sloane Club a distinguished establishment in London’s social scene and one of the too 7 things to do in Chelsea.